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    Thread: It told me to come an' introduce myself, so: introduction?

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      It told me to come an' introduce myself, so: introduction?

      I'm Laura, or littlepooky04 (a username generator created that for me a while ago and I thought it was cute).
      I found out about lucid dreaming in late 2012 and decided to try doing it. I barely had any, until the following year when they occurred once or twice a month. No actual technique ever worked for me; I just used RCs, or sometimes just found myself aware that it was a dream and not needing to check. And I don't know why that was, because normally I would want to check; but sometimes I would just find myself in a situation where something was awkward, or actually really awesome, and then I'd think, 'oh, but it's only a dream, so...' I wrote down many of the dreams I had (in a normal diary, not a dream diary, so I didn't write down every dream) and counted them up later, and in 2013 I wrote about 108 dreams, of which 11 had lucid intent, and in 2014 I wrote about 156, of which 13 had lucid intent (I do happen to remember another dream I didn't write down but which I achieved lucidity in). Most of my LDs aren't very long, interesting or particularly vivid, but I do have plans!
      Anyway. I am getting better at doing RCs again and actually the reason I am here is that I found the Lucid Dares thread, and decided to log in to this again (I made my account a while ago but didn't use it much) and if I were somehow able to would love to get involved in that, somehow...
      Yah. Bye!?!!!!!
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      Hi littlePooky04

      I'm a newbie too but welcome uh....back! Good luck with your LD tasks.

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      Hey Pooky!

      I'm glad that you decided introduce yourself and tell us about your dreams.
      That's really neat that you've done so well with your dream journal, I need to start keeping up with mine, it can help so much with lucid dreaming.

      I haven't done any of my lucid dares yet but I kind of want to get involved with that thread as well. Maybe I'll do one tonight so that I can dare you!
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      Hey Laura, nice to have you on DV.

      I'm really excited to hear that the Lucid Dares thread brought you here!
      I completed a few dares recently so I'm allowed to dare other people - I decided to post one for you here:
      You can also check out the original post for a huge list of dares that anyone can attempt.

      Good luck, I hope you find it interesting!

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