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    Thread: Intro thread for toneless

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      Cool Intro thread for toneless


      I'm very glad such a forum exists. I've had a couple of lucid dreams for last two years (especially at summer, because I had a lot of free time) and I'm introduced to all techniques and facts about lucid dreaming. Now when I'm on college it's hard for me to induce lucid dreams because I barely sleep, or, should I say, barely remember my dreams. But, as I said, when summer comes I'll be able to return to my LD condition and continue with practice. I'm also writing a novel related to dreaming and nocturnal activities and I'm about to be done with it this summer. That's all about me, I guess. Cheers!

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      Welcome to DV, toneless!

      I'm glad to hear you're excited for the summer break!

      I find that just spending a couple of minutes in bed with my eyes closed when I wake, before I move or start thinking about the day ahead, helps me to recall dreams a lot better.
      I ask myself, "what was I just dreaming about?" and try to notice any residual feelings from the dream I was just having.
      Keeping a dream journal also helps a lot with recall, even if you just jot down a few notes.

      Let us know if you have any questions about getting started on the forum.

      (I moved your post to a separate thread so you can have an intro of your own.)
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      Welcome toneless! Love your avatar.

      Hope you have a great time here. Who knows maybe you can still score an unexpected ld or two. One of the few positives of sleep deprivation is that you get a REM rebound and perhaps this can bring a very strong dream and make you lucid.
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