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    Thread: Hi there

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      Hi there

      I'm AJ, I'll be honest I'm still kind of apprehensive about this... but I figured it's time to look into this. I appreciate any insight and I promise to keep my self open minded.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bullforce View Post
      I'm AJ, I'll be honest I'm still kind of apprehensive about this... but I figured it's time to look into this. I appreciate any insight and I promise to keep my self open minded.
      Welcome to best community about!
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      to dreamviews AJ,

      What is you familiarity with the subject?

      Assuming you never had a LD before or a beginner maybe, I can give the following very general insight:

      1. to be clear, there is nothing mystical about lucid dreaming... It's simply being aware that you're in a dream. Dreams are the brain's way to practice or go over real life events, so by being lucid you are essentially realizing that what you sense isn't real. That's it... Some people ask - "but how can it feel so real?" while others say in disbelief "it can't possibly feel real..." But just remember that all you see in real life is something generated by your brain. You see, hear, etc, using your senses and it's your brain that processes it all and compiles the world as you see it... So the same happens in dream, but based on memories / assumptions instead of real sensory input... Nothing mystical about it...

      2. practicing LDing is just like any other thing in life. It takes positive attitude, confidence, patience, persistence and consistency to get best / fast results. Think of it like training in the gym, or learning a new language... It's just another skill that you can practice and get better it.

      3. practicing LDing improves the chances of success. By that I mean that if you practice dream recall, you'll see improvement on average over a period of time (let's say a couple of weeks to a month), but daily success fluctuates a lot. The same for lucid dream induction - it only improves your chances over time so improvement will show up on average over a certain period of time. This is why positive attitude and patience are important - don't lose interest after one bad night or even a week... Know that on average you'll see improvement.

      4. where to start, in a nutshell? I suggest to start by getting a good recall (for beginners - a couple of dreams per night on average). Then proceed to reality checking and practicing awareness. Make dreaming important for you and read about it. All of these are designed to give you a DILD (dream induced lucid dream). You can try wake induced methods either in addition or after getting better at the basics. There are many great tutorials on this forum and other resources like the DV Academy.

      I hope this helps with the issues you're apprehensive about...
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      Welcome, bullforce!

      Let us know if you need anything, or join us in chat.


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