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      Dream yogi

      I am also one of those returning members who had to drop out for awhile.. My ultimate goal is meditation while in a lucid state, or the idea of removing all dreams since consciousness is always awake, and preparation for death.

      But first thing is to learn LD, have fun with it for a bit, then move into the spiritual practice

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      Welcome (back), Thinkfirst!

      Sounds like you have a good plan in mind... I think there are still a few dream yogis and potential sleep yogis hanging around the forums; hopefully you'll find some kindred spirits among us!

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      "My ultimate goal is meditation while in a lucid state"

      I have been doing some work along these lines as well. I have come to call the co-emergence of two distinct non-contradictory states a 'synthesis state', in this case the L-M-S-S, or Lucid-meditative-synthesis-state.

      What I can suggest is approaching them from two distinct angles, that is the meditative state must be worked on by itself for quite some time, for however long it takes for it to become easily accessible, states generated constantly over a long period eventually become enduring traits of the brain, meaning in this case, both a advancement in ones 'base line' cognitive level and the availability of the meditative state in its most intense form. Once you reach a certain level of adequacy under ideal conditions, then you have some chance of attaining or simply sustaining it in more extreme conditions, such as in the midst of a lucid dream.
      "Parable.- Those thinkers in whom all stars move in cyclic orbits are not the most profound: whoever looks into himself as into vast space and carries galaxies in himself also knows how irregular all galaxies are; they lead into the chaos and labyrinth of existence."- Friedrich Nietzsche, the gay science, First published in 1882 revised in 1887, translated by Walter Kaufmann [/SIGPIC]

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