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    Thread: Hello from Italy

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      Talking Hello from Italy

      Hello i'm HenrikUPI,my name in real life is Enrico
      i'm 17 years old and i'm really interested on LDs in general
      i'm from italy and i come from another italian forum about Lucid Dreams called "sognilucidi.it"
      i subscribed here because in this forum there are more people than in sognilucidi.it
      and there is also the amazing possibility to open a workbook thread where i could learn better,
      in addition i believe that this is very cool forum,so why not subscribe
      i want to learn to DILD with a good frequency in future,like 3 LDs a week,i hope this can be made
      and want to be helped and help other people aswell
      i already had 2 Full LDs in the last month and also 3 Very Weak Lds too,
      but because i stopped for a week i lost the ability.
      So i want to restart with the hope to become the only architect of my own dreams ;D
      i saw on the forum there these Dream Academy,and i'm excited to create a personal workbook
      Have a good day or better.....Have a good Lucid Dream !!!
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      to DreamViews, henrikUPI!

      Nice of you to join us and happy that you like our Dream Views Academy. It's very popular, because our experienced members can help you there with your individual lucid dreaming journey.

      Say hi to everybody at sognilucidi.it !

      Happy dreams!

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