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    Thread: Good day! And night!!

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      Good day! And night!!

      I'm new here. Decided it was time to drive deeper into the rabbits hole so hopefully this is the right place...

      I've been lucid dreaming accidentally since I was a kid but would get scared and confused so would wake myself up by closing my dream eyes and then opening them yo be awake. I became good at this and was always my escape from nightmares as for some reason I always knew in a nightmare it was real and would wake myself up.

      Fast forward to about 12 years ago I decided to look into it as I hadnt done it for a while yet would have amazing vivid dreams, I learnt of something called lucid dreams so tried it. I already knew it was possible from when I was a kid but never experienced what I read about. Anyhow I failed as I didn't get enough info basically did it wrong (I did a reality check in dream but accepted it in the dream as it was wrong what I was doing on its own).

      Anyhow, the past 6 years or I've been lucid dreaming and I'm getting pretty good at it I think (for me compared to how I started).
      I can just think about lucid dreaming and that I will do it just before sleeping and I will most times, without any form of reality check? (this is new for me and only been going on the last few weeks).

      Well that was long winded, thanks for reading it all if you made it this far.

      I have questions but will find the appropriate thread.

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      to DreamViews!

      Awesome, you have been luciding for a long time, haha.

      Yes, after a while, you just know that you are dreaming and lucid and you don't need to do any RC. But you can, just for fun, or the extra excitement.

      Join us in doing some lucid tasks for fun and for the wings, or any other dreaming competition http://www.dreamviews.com/tasks-month-year/

      Hope to see you there and yes, please do post your questions or experiences. happy dreams

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      Hello and welcome! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us

      Wishing you lots of cool dream adventures ~

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