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    Thread: Joined to seek help

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      Joined to seek help

      Hey there, thought I should introduce myself. New to the site but not to lucid dreaming, I'm a natural LDer and lost my ability around 6 years ago. Getting it back has been my main goal in life since it happened, and I've tried (pretty much) everything I possibly could. I'm here now to read and talk to others, perhaps to shed a light on why I lost it, and how I can get it back.
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      Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to hearing of your experiences - often just discussing lucidity with others is enough to give you the spark that you need to get back in it.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to stop by the IRC chat.
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      Thank you! And hope you're right, I'm sure that if there's a place that can help me, this site is it. Been a lurker for a while and loved my stay.

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