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    Thread: Introducing

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      Hello DreamViews.

      I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

      A bit about me,
      Ive started attempting lucid dreaming for about four and a half years and my last lucid dream was two months ago. I initialy was drawn to onironautics because of the 'fun' aspect however i quickly fell in love with the deeper side of it, connecting with ones own mind.
      Im currently in a bit of a weird place when it comes to lucid dreaming I feel i know an awful lot about the subject but I feel as if im in a permanent dry spell. I made this account in the hope of sparking my interest and partially because there arnt any people around me who like lucid dreaming.

      Thanks in advance for any replies and i look forward to chatting about this great realm of ours.


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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      I also prefer the deeper side of lucid dreaming as opposed to the 'fun' side, but I try to keep a mix of both.

      When you are in a dry spell, keep motivated, read/watch material about lucid dreaming and dream journal as much as possible.

      Don't worry, most of us have had one.

      Have a great time!
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      Thanks i will try! its good to be able to talk to other lucid dreamers. Im actually quite exited now.
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      Welcome to the forum!

      I know what you're going through - I've been lucid dreaming for years now, but I've had one of those extended dry spells for the last year (once I graduated college and started a full-time job), and have just recently started getting lucids again. Luckily, like you said, talking with others is incredibly helpful for regaining your motivation and breaking the dry spell.

      Let us know if you have any questions, and check us out in our IRC chat.
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      Welcome, Tom!
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