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    Thread: Hey Everybody!

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      Hey Everybody!

      Hi everyone, I came across this forum several years ago and learned things that really helped me get started on lucid dreaming. After a long period of time where I slacked on my dreaming, I have decided to get on here and finally make an account. I am not very good at being social on the internet, haha I have trouble sometimes remembering to keep up with people I have never met in person. Still, I think this will be helpful to my dreaming efforts. At least I will think about dreaming more.

      But I am really excited to be here! I hope to have a great time on these forums. After all, dreaming can be very entertaining and interesting. I lucid dream mainly for fun, and I suppose for relaxation as life can be stressful, I am currently a University student.

      Oh, I had a question about the dream journal function here. Is it mostly used for sharing our dreams with the public, or do lots of people use it to simply record their dreams like a personal dream journal? I am thinking about switching to this online dream journal as it may motivate me to record my dreams more regularly. Does anyone have an experience where using the dream journal here at dream views helped them record their dreams daily?

      Thanks, I will see you around!
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      Hey Jewel! Welcome to DV!

      I'm sure you'll love it here. We're all one big happy family. Don't worry about keeping up with everyone, we're all just floating about.
      If you have something to say, or if you have a question, don't hesitate to post a thread! And if you come across a discussion you enjoy, feel free to say what you think about it.

      As for the DJ feature, we use it as personal DJ, but some people will read the dreams, and every blue moon, someone will comment on it.
      Personally I love using the DJ feature, as it keeps all my journals indefinitely, and I dunno, it feels nice to put it out there for public display. Because of that, it somehow gives me extra motivation to actually write my dreams down. If it wasn't for the DJ feature, I probably wouldn't have started DJing at all.

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      Welcome to the forum!
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      Welcome, Jewel!
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