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    Thread: New to this forum and interested in exploring dreams.

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      New to this forum and interested in exploring dreams.

      Hello everyone. I just made an account so I could discuss and learn about dreams, especially lucid dreams. I might be sharing parts of my dream journal, asking questions, and hopefully sharing successes in lucid dreaming.

      A question I wanted to ask (not sure which sub-forum would be the best) is, where can I learn more about "dream incubation," or trying to choose/suggest the content of a future dream, whether or not the dream is lucid? I read about dream incubation on Wikipedia, but I can't find many descriptions of specific techniques, besides thinking about whatever you want to dream about (and perhaps keeping a dream journal).
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      Heya, welcome to DV! By the sounds of things you'll fit right in.

      I'd give the General Dream Discussion (https://www.dreamviews.com/general-dream-discussion/) area a try for your questions R.E. dream incubation.

      Happy dreaming!
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      Hi! Welcome!

      I wanted to reply because this is something I feel like I am kinda good at

      Like phased said if you want to learn about dream incubation take a look at the general dream forum. You can look through past posts or just post your question(s) and I am sure people will be happy to help. I personally would also recommend studying the WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream) method for lucid dreaming. It is a way to start a lucid dream, but it can serve the purpose of choosing your dream as well. I use the WILD method fairly often and while I don't always get a lucid dream out of it, I will often influence the dream that follows. Rather than focusing exclusively on keeping myself conscious as I fall asleep, I focus more on maintaining the idea I want to incorporate into my dream until it fully transitions to a dream. Good luck and have fun!
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      Welcome to DV!

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      Thanks for this post.

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