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    Thread: My Introduction - The Three Witches Dream

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      Talking My Introduction - The Three Witches Dream

      My name is Aaron. I am from Indiana and I recently re-re-began my journey into lucid dreaming in December 2018. It is now February 2019 when I am finding this forum. When I was younger, I always had this reoccurring dreaming that I was walking on the side of my grandmothers house and three witches would come from the sky. The one in the middle would chase me on her broom, then being terrified I would wake up. One day, I stepped out of the front door of her house. It was the most beautiful day. The sun was nice and high in the sky, the air was warm and fresh. The grass was the greenest I'd ever seen. I mean this was one spectacular day. I walked towards the field on the side of her house and something told me "Stop! There will be three witches that will come from the sky. Just watch" I took three purposeful steps, then angled my head towards the clear sky. It was like a video game or even a play. Very very tiny, like three birds, I could see three figures in the sky slowly coming towards me and getting bigger. I realized it was the three witches. I grounded my feet, bent my knees, and when they came close this time I was ready! I knocked the middle one off her broom, hopped on and flew away. Her sisters chased me, but they were no match for me. *dusts off shoulders*. Ever since then, I could fly in almost any dream I've ever had lucid or not.

      As I got older, I stopped remembering my dreams all together. I tried twice before to start lucid dreaming again. I must have had that dream when I was about 7 or younger. When I was younger I would have all kinds of lucid dreams. I could swim and breathe under water and do all kinds of things. Then I just stopped recalling my dreams all together. I purchased this book, "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" years ago. I half read it, didn't really take it that seriously, but tried to do some of the techniques. They didn't really work for me, so I put it aside. I came back to it in December 2018. I've also gotten two books by Stephen LaBerge and subscribed to two YouTube channels for lucid dreaming. I am doing my reality checks everyday. I can recall very vivid dreams where now I can recall so much of my dreams. I write for 4-5 pages and can remember 3-4 dreams or dream fragments per night. I also do the foundational practices from The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep: Noticing how my daytime experiences are very dream like, detaching from emotionally charged experiences by realizing they are dream like, recalling the day before I sleep and realizing how my memories of the day are like dreams, setting the intention to lucid dream during the night. I meditate for 20-30 minutes and also like to use Subliminal Messages/Solfeggio frequencies throughout the day.

      Now onto my questions

      There are times when I don't remember my dreams, or I cannot remember as much of them as I'd like. It hasn't happened a lot recently, but it has happened. I've been trying the WBTB-WILD/SSILD techniques to induce lucid dreams. I've only had one major lucid dream where I've had a lot of control since December. I was walking on a street outside my home where I normally walk my dog and I realized I was dreaming because my sister was SCREAMING my name over my balcony. I thought it was interesting that I could hear her even though I wasn't in the complex; I believe that is what made me lucid. I flew all the way home very quickly. I flew over my balcony on the third floor and looked in the sliding glass door I was using as a mirror and saw I had four legs. Two were floating, two were on the ground. So, I raised all of them so I would be completely flying in my reflection. My sister was completely oblivious to the fact that I was flying. (No surprise knowing her) But I had another friend who was a dream character and she was completely aware that I was flying and dreaming.

      Since then, I've not achieved that same level of lucidity. Only 4-5 times I've been semi lucid since December and the one dream that I mentioned above which was first where I was VERY lucid. I generally have very long dreams and recall them in VERY VIVID detail. I'll do my reality checks, but not completely become aware. For the past two weeks, I haven't even been able to do a reality check in my dreams at all. I try not to become frustrated. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with EFT, but I use this as another tool for Lucid Dreaming in order to calm myself, reinforce certain habits, or to make negative habits less active and replace them with positive ones. For the past two days, my dreams have been so fragmented that I don't even really recall until after I'm awake and then I'll remember in the shower. I don't know if I'm putting too much pressure on myself.

      1. My dreaming seems to come and go. I haven't had the same level of lucidity that I had in my first lucid dream at all. Sometimes I cannot even recall to do a reality check in my dream. Am I doing something wrong?

      2. I'm going into the 90 day zone, do people normally have a better success rate than what I am experiencing? Should I have less expectations regarding my progress in my lucid dreaming journey?

      Any other advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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      Welcome awalker54!

      Which YouTube channels do you follow? I've thought about checking some out.

      I've read quite a bit that LDing comes in waves for most people. I'm going through a dry spell myself. Consistency is key, though! If you've given one induction method a try for over a month or two you could try working on a new one like MILD iwht WBTB.

      Also it is important to keep a positive mindset for lucid dreaming. It is good to expect and visualize yourself becoming lucid in your dreams while staying aware daily and working on induction techniques at each time that is convenient for you.

      Good luck!
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      Hello, and welcome to Dream Views!

      In addition to what zelcrow said, you really shouldn't mind your own progress in comparison to others. Different people will have different ideal conditions and requirements needed to become proficient LDers. It's all just a matter of finding the necessary tools, and using them right. Some folk will stumble across those facets earlier than others. No big deal. Just do you.

      That said, you've got a big advantage by having experience in lucid dreaming so early. Sure, such knowledge might've rusted a bit at the moment, but its still there. Just a matter polishing things up a bit, I think.
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      Hello, and welcome to Dream Views!

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      Thank you everyone for your advice!

      -Zelcrow I follow Tipharot. I like his videos a lot and I also follow howtoluciddream

      Thank you -FireFlyMan. I am going to cultivate a more positive mindset towards lucid dreaming and continue to pursue my goals. I am still trying to find one technique that I really like, but I found this one from Sageous here on the forum. Sometimes tells me it might be the one for me. I have tried it for two days now I am going to keep doing it for a while.

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