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    Thread: Hello :)

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      Hello :)

      Hello there, I'm new here. My name is Manon. I'm from The Netherlands, so sorry if my English is a bit off.

      I am a semi lucid dreamer. So far I've had 3 full-on lucid dreams where I was fully aware and everything was under my control. But overall I have very vivid dreams which I can clearly remember in detail, about 2 or 3 every night. Strangely enough I can generally control most of my dreams without being too aware, I still often confuse them for being real.

      I've taught myself to be able to fly in all dreams and I can also force myself to wake up from nightmares. I've created my own 'dream city' in which I know the city layout, e.g. the way to my house or mall. Many of my dreams are repetitive; same place, same storyline with just minor detail changes which are under my influence.

      I joined this forum because I would like to become even more aware that I'm dreaming, so I'm basically looking for some tips. I also find a lot of things in my dreams funny or weird and wonder if there's perhaps a reason behind it and if they are recognizable for other lucid dreamers.

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      God dag! Det ser ut som om du snakker bedre enn de engelsktalende medlemmene. That's including me.

      The members here are very humble and are willing to help you if, you are willing to listen and work hard to become aware that you are dreaming.
      I hope you find some good information here. Congratulations on your success so far.
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      Sounds like you are already quite experienced in dreaming, albeit it being semi lucid. I would recommend to find some lucidity boosters. These can be in the form of dream signs or just dream objects with special properties. With dream signs you would identify these as reoccurring instances where you are close to lucidity. For example, being chased is a dream sign but is also a borderline state where you are very close to lucidity. You can do auto suggestion during the day that when such a dream event or sign pops up you will go into full lucidity.

      Similarly, with dream objects you can learn to use them to boost your lucidity. You can summon a potion of sorts or even a glass of water or coffee if you like. Take it in the dream with the intention to boost your lucidity.

      Finally, having some predetermined goals can help you stay on track during dreams. Good luck!
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      Welcome to Dreamviews, Manonvr!I'm confident you'll find some useful information on the forum as there's a wealth of it here. Best of luck to you on your LD journey!
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