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    Thread: Mornin'

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      Hello, I'm Philip. I haven't posted anything here before but I've poked around and I'd be more than happy to share my dreams with you all as they come along. Think it might be a slightly more motivating way to keep up the habit of recording my dreams when I wake up. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about all of you and thanks for having me on this forum,

      Philip out
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      Welcome to the forum!!!!
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      Hi Philip, welcome to the forum. How are you recording your dreams at the moment?

      Personally I quite like to use the DJ feature here on the site: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/

      I used to write my dreams on paper but this made it a slow process to copy or transcribe, especially as my writing is difficult to read even for myself at times, made worse at a time of wakening. I still do write my dreams initially elsewhere, such as on my phone these days, and then later transcribe/copy them more fully onto my DJ here. The advantage for me of doing this is that as I use a computer for the forum, it becomes easier to go into typing dream details or making notes as I go back through the initially written dream recall.
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      Hi Welcome to Dream Views.

      Hey we have a thread called "Share your dream from last night in 1 sentence" that we often use to share our dreams with each other. It's fun Or you can use the digital journal feature - however you like to do it.

      See you around.
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