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    Thread: BBC Horizon: Why Do We Dream?

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      Lightbulb BBC Horizon: Why Do We Dream?

      Horizon uncovers the secret world of our dreams. In a series of cutting-edge experiments and personal stories, we go in search of the science behind this most enduring mystery and ask: where do dreams come from? Do they have meaning? And ultimately, why do we dream?

      What the film reveals is that much of what we thought we knew no longer stands true. Dreams are not simply wild imaginings but play a significant part in all our lives as they have an impact on our memories, the ability to learn, and our mental health. Most surprisingly, we find nightmares, too, are beneficial and may even explain the survival of our species.
      (Lucid dreaming part: 50:00 - 56:00)

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      Lucid dreaming part at 50:24

      After seeing the whole thing it was actually quite interesting and is definitely worth it to watch all the way through. I especially liked the differences people observed between REM and nREM sleep. There a few things in there which were sort of "duh, I knew that" but it was still quite interesting anyway.

      TL;DW: For those of you who just want a summary it basically says that dreams are our brains' way of sorting through memories, reinforcing those which are important to us, and giving us more experience for when we encounter them again (Déjà vu, anyone?).
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      It's a shame they talked about LD only for 6 minutes...

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      Quote Originally Posted by Livtoniac View Post
      It's a shame they talked about LD only for 6 minutes...
      It's a shame they presented LDing as something you need to own a special mask and go to camp in Hawaii with LaBerge to enjoy.
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