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    Thread: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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      A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

      Anybody remember this movie,i just thought about it today,this used to be my fav Freddy movie as a child,The teens use lucid dreaming to fight Freddy Krueger...this movie is awesome and i just thought id share it with those that don't know about it,i cant post links yet so if someone wants to post the imdb link or a movie poster that would be great

      Survivors of undead serial killer Freddy Krueger - who stalks his victims in their dreams - learn to take control of their own dreams in order to fight back.
      Picking up where the original Nightmare left off, Nancy has grown up and become a psychiatrist specializing in dream therapy. She meets a group of children at a local hospital facing Freddy Krueger, the same demon she once encountered in her sleep. One of them is Kristen, who has the power to draw other people into her dreams. Working with a male doctor assigned to the case, Nancy helps the kids realize their special abilities within the nightmare world. When Freddy captures one of her charges, she leads a rescue attempt into Krueger's domain, in hopes of putting his spirit to rest once and for all.
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      Yes i know this movie too. I also like the dream master as well.

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      This movie was one of my major influences to developing dream control as a kid, as a way of fighting back against nightmares. to the OP for the reference.
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