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    Thread: Has anyone else ever tried inventing an own language?

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      Has anyone else ever tried inventing an own language?

      I am very interested in languages, and I believe the famous fantasy/romance novel writer J.R.R. Tolkien has been my major inspiration for this idea - to create an own language.
      I think this is a very fun and stimulating type of hobby;
      some people might think it is pointless, but I think it is a nice activity in many ways.
      It most certainly has some positive effect on your linguistic skills, since you are supposed to create the foundations for all the grammatical rules, and it also guarantees that you are the only one who will be able to write it, in case you need to write down something but also want to keep it a secret.
      But it is also valuable simply because it can be a lot of fun to mess around with.
      To be honest, I haven't really come that far at all myself yet, but I have made up a few words that I am quite content with - for example, my currect words for the colours "red, yellow, blue, pink" are "ranya, lilya, lunya, ninya".
      I think those words sound quite good, and also convey the "feel" of each colour pretty well.
      The there are a bunch of other random words I have come up with, like "rasto" = "rope", "theio" = "ash", "nando" = "dusk" etc.
      I think this is also almost a little bit like mixing your senses, and trying to sort of give sounds to objects - kind of like synesthesia, I guess.
      If you like languages in general then I would recommend to try doing something like this, it is kind of entertaining and satisfying once you get into it.

      My only issue with my own language so far is that it sounds a little bit too much like Tolkien's language Quenya - but I like the sound of that language, so that's probably good.
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      Over the course of some 10 years, I created my own written language. During one adventurous, insomnia fueled evening, one of my toddlers destroyed several pages I had stored in a box in a closet I lost the desire to work on it further.
      Before that disastrous event, I wanted to turn it into a spoken language but I only know English. I couldn't think outside the box. My written language was made up of thousands of characters from basic letters to words, phrases, names, numbers and thing like punctuation and accent marks. It was also Phonics based. I couldn't find a way to turn characters into sounds. "R" should always be "r", "A's" are "a's" etc. I just couldn't do it *sigh*

      I've always liked the idea though. Sounds like you're having fun and it IS a great mental exercise, so keep at it

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      When I was a lad, I invented many writing codes, most of which were just the English alphabet converted into new symbols. I originally started creating them in school so that, if the teacher caught us passing notes, he/she wouldn't be able to read it. Drove them mad. I also used the code to write mine personal notes and whatnot, so mine nosy sisters wouldn't be able to read them. I still have the paper on which I wrote mine first writing code over a decade ago--the paper's not even white anymore; it's a brownish yellow. I'm surprised it doesn't crumble in mine hands.
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      When I was younger I used to casually experiment with the idea of imaginary languages and what they might look like. A bit later on, I took Spanish in school and read some books about other languages and was fascinated and inspired by how they did things so differently from English (my only native language) that I never expected.

      So I actually started constructing my own language borrowing ideas that I liked (like Spanish's verb inflections and optional sentence subjects), eliminating unnecessary irritations (irregular verbs and spellings, anyone?!), and adding elements I felt languages like English were lacking in (such as “undefined” number when singular/plural is unknown, a gender-neutral third-person singular pronoun, separate inclusive/exclusive “we” pronouns, etc.). I felt it would be fun to use for my diaries and such just to see how efficiently and concisely I could express a complex idea with a language that was 100% optimized for myself. Maybe I would even learn something about myself in the process.

      Sadly, I always had way too many other projects/hobbies and never got very far with constructing it, let alone actually teaching it to myself, which, I discovered, takes almost as much time and effort as becoming proficient with any other foreign language.
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      Post Q*Bertese

      Well...Back in my Q*Bert phase... I researched to see if it was possible to utilize the same method used to create Q*Bertese as an entirely fluent language. I still do not know if this method can be used as an actual way to communicate with one another but it wouldn't hurt to find out and try it.

      ...Hmmm....I could ask my friend if it's possible or has already been done before in some sort of fashion.

      Electronomicon!: Mr. @#?%!...A 74xx based Q*Bert-ese Obscenity Generator

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      Haha I'm not the only one... I never got very far though, it's stored on an old laptop of mine somehwere, might've been the one I smashed.
      http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/396408_10150566595483801_642783800_8866749_4416924  85_n.jpg

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