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      How do I handle stress in work?

      I transferred to another company and gave up a 10-year old job. The thing is it seems we need something to break the ice. Almost all of us came in at the same time and it stresses me a lot since we really do not get along professionally and we have no personal relationship.

      I think it is too early to suggest some team building/bonding activities since the company itself is relatively new. I have done some research that there are some modules online that can be of use when it comes to either personality development, leadership skill, and team building. Has anyone tried this out?

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      The instant idiot response that comes to mind is: "You don't need any modules or some such online training stuff! Yer just gotta be yerself and you'll fig'r it out on yer way!" I'd think that as long as you stick to whatever job you have, little interactions like "good morning", "hi", "cya tomorrow", "have a nice weekend", "could you help me out with this?", "hey... what kinda music ya like?", should be enough to warm to each other over time. But that's just my gut reaction, I have almost never worked together with other people.

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