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    Thread: Supplements for DILD vs. WBTB Methods

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      Supplements for DILD vs. WBTB Methods

      As I understand it, a variety of supplements can work to help induce lucid dreams, but some are only effective or are much more effective when used in conjunction with particular techniques. As in, some supplements might not have any effect if taken right as you go to sleep, rather only working if taken during a WBTB session. On the other hand, some may only have their effect if taken when you go to sleep for the first time. Could someone with an understanding of how this works give some suggestions of supplements that work to aid DILD, and for some that work to aid WBTB dreams like WILDs. Thanks very much in advance, I just want to make sure I buy the right stuff and use it the right way.

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      Lucid dream inducing supplements and herbs work in two ways.

      Some, those taken at night before going to sleep, work by using the 'rebound effect', that means that they actually increase deep non-REM sleep for the first few hours of sleep, causing the REM state to 'rebound' later in ones sleep session. So this type of supplement works by depressing REM during the first four or so hours of sleep, so that when they wear off the REM cycle returns extra strong, dreams are longer, happen closer together, and are more intense.
      Some of this type are Melatonin, L-tryptophan, GABA, 5-HTP etc. These are taken before going to sleep at night and not in the morning.

      Then there are some supplements that work best when used in the morning in conjunction with the WBTB method. These increase dream intensity, awareness, recall, and so on.

      Galantamine and Choline are the best known of this type and seem to work very well for most.


      Nicotine patches can be used to increase dream intensity. If used very sparingly there should be very little cause for concern. One still needs to be of the proper age to use them.

      DHEA is said to help with control and increases intensity.

      It is suggested to take the first type of supplement (depresses REM) before going to sleep, and then when you wake up during your WBTB take the second type (REM and awareness enhancing) before going back to sleep again for best results. A example.

      1. At night take whatever MG of melatonin, L-tryptophan, GABA, etc.
      2. Set alarm to wake you 5-6 hours after going to sleep.
      3. When you wake up in the morning take the REM or awareness stimulating supplements with water. (Galantamin, Choline, Nicotine, etc.)
      4. Lay back down and due your preferred exit method.

      I only mentioned a few of the better known supplements but there are more. If you are taking any prescription medication be sure to check if there is any side effects or interactions with the supplements you choose.
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      Watch this space..!


      I've just recently ordered a quantity of Calea Z off the net and am currently awaiting delivery..! I'm not sure yet how I'm going to take it and what induction methods I'll use, but keep an eye out for my results, both on the forum and in my Dream Journal..! I will be making a full report..!

      Cheers, Nicho..!

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