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      A question

      A friend of mine wants to ask you all this question, but he's not really internet savvy, and asked me to ask you in his stead.

      The question is: Is it possible to lucid dream all the time. See, he tells me he has frequent nightmares, I mean, almost every few days. But then he aslo says that when he has good dreams, he can "straight up control them." Is he lucid dreaming? If so, how? He has no idea what lucid dreaming is aside from what I've told him, he doesn't do reality checks, he's not really an LDer yet he can control his dreams with utmost eases.

      Suffice it to say, I am kind of jealous.

      But anyways, feedback would be appreciated on his part, and my own as well.

      Thanks for reading all this!!

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      It's certainly possible if you practice and practice. Some people can enter sleep paralysis and WILD every night, while others are so aware that they can have DILDs each night!

      Keep in mind that you don't have to necessarily be lucid to control a dream. For instance, you might not be lucid in a dream where you're using magic to do something. Or, you could be flying and not realize it's a dream. The key in knowing whether it was a lucid was if he was aware that he was dreaming. So you may have to question him a bit further if you don't believe he's that into lucid dreaming.

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      "control" The power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events.

      So if he is controling by doing normal waking life things in the dream there is a chance he is not lucid he is just very aware and making choices like we do in everyday life. BUT, if he is choosing to do things that are not possible in waking life (flying,telaporting,shape shifting) then he must have some level of lucidity or else he would not be aware he could in fact do these things.

      Like Puffin said, yes it is possible to LD every night.

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