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    Thread: My first lucid.. and possibly shared dream?

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      Talking My first lucid.. and possibly shared dream?

      I had my first lucid a few days ago, and began with trying to feel objects around me. I felt the leaf of a plant - and put too much attention into it and the dream started to fade. Dark_Merlin and I had previously talked about teleporting to each other to experiment with shared dreaming, inspired by Hyu's dream journal. As the dream was fading I focused on his aura, and 'jumped' (like the movie jumper) to my friend.

      I found him standing next to an endless brick wall with one of our friends Toby. I tried to make him lucid by covering one eye, to put emphasis on his chosen RC sign (the eye), and he simply laughed at me, and Toby walked away in the same direction in both of our dreams(my left, Merlin's right.)

      In his dream that night, he was standing on top of a bridge/platform overlooking a pool, with the edge leading to the pool in the same spot the wall in my dream was. He was also with Toby at the time, and his dream focused around him being angry at his girlfriend, and walking away. He didn't see me, or become lucid

      Here's what i'd like your opinion on do you think this was a shared dream? In the morning, we compared notes on our dreams and we do think it is possible, but since he didn't get lucid, we're not quite sure. Also, does anyone have an opinion as to what the wall could have meant? He said he woke up with the image of bricks on his mind in dreams before, but isn't sure he's seen them in dreams.

      My First Lucid: My first lucid.. and possibly shared dream?
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      I had a lucid dream where my brother appeared, he came up with the idea of a password inside the lucid dream.

      Though I never really had the urge to tell him the password in real life.

      If you meet someone you know in a lucid, I would recommend this.

      Use something that would be memorable like BANANAS ;p

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      It looks like part of it was a shared dream. Keep going for it.
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