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      Talking My Firts Lucid Dream??!?

      So I had just woke up this morning and decided that since I was still tired I would go back to sleep. While falling asleep I was completely aware. It was soo strange like everything was black and I kept feeling like I was falling. Anyway, eventually I fell into some dream.
      I was at my uncle's house hanging with my cousins and I immediately figure that I'm dreaming. I do the finger through hand RC and nose plug RC, and yell "I'm Dreaming!". Then I stabled the dream by rubbing my hands together and focusing on things. Then the dream went on and continued my short LD. It ended very abrupt because it my dream I had gotten my foot stuck in a gate.LOL I woke up to find myself kicking my real leg. The only problem is now it didn't feel that real. Should I work on my vividness? Oh, and what technique was that?

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      Sounds like you did the Free-Fall technique unintentionally. The dreams should become more realistic the better you get at Lucid Dreaming, from what I've heard. I know what you mean about it not feeling that real because the only thing I recall that I could actually truly feel was the dresser I felt to stabilize myself after I realized I was dreaming. Still, it's extremely cool right? I think the vividness is improved with Yoshi's ADA. I know ADA helps with realizing you're dreaming. Either way, it's good practice. B6 has been known to improve vividness in dreams. I just picked up 250 tablets of 100mg for $5 (there was also 60 of 200mg for 3$). I laughed as I read this because I did multiple RCs as well because I couldn't believe I was in a dream. It's a surreal experience. Congrats.

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