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      First lucid dream last night, first attempt!

      So yesterday I had been researching lucid dreams intensely and stayed up really late. I sat in my bed and watched TV until I basically passed out because I was so tired but didn't really want to go to sleep yet.

      Next thing I know, I was in my old Elementary School but I was 15 years old again. I thought, "Hmm. This doesn't seem right, why am I so old in Elementary school? This must be a dream!" and then I felt this little surge-like force go through me (never read anything about that, must just be me). I observed everything around me and took note of who all the people were, which classroom I was in, etc. I then ran out of the classroom and jumped down a flight of stairs (I had always wanted to do that). I got to the bottom and floated down to the ground instead of dropping like a rock, and I didn't hurt myself. I was lucid!

      I had not even planned on having a LD, but it was an excellent surprise. I never bothered to change the scene or go anywhere or do anything special, I just talked to people and told them how I had really felt about them, jumped down stairs and out of a window, stuff like that. It was an amazing feeling! Maybe the next time I have a LD I can do something a little more exciting than jumping over/out things, though.

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      Congratulations! That's an excellent first lucid! I love jumping and floating back down. You're probably only a step or two away from flying
      Short-term lucid goals: [X] Move an object with my mind [ ] Create a portal and use it to get to a dream scene of my choice [ ] Meet one of my book characters

      Long-term lucid goals: [ ] Visit the Dream World Academy [ ] Make a building appear at will [ ] Change my appearance to disguise myself as someone else [ ] Find the end of a rainbow

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