So last night I almost had a lucid dream. I was basically sleeping, but not a "proper" sleep if you know what I mean. I was drifting in and out from conscious to dreaming state. I'd close my eyes, then what felt like a few minutes of having my eyes shut was probably more like 1-2 hours real time. But it all felt the same to me. It was one of those nights where I felt "heavy"; like I had been working out all day, but my mind was still awake.

I still remember every last detail of the dream I had this morning (3 am to be exact, at least that's what it felt like). I distinctly remember being in my basement, but the layout was all different, however that wasn't what woke me up. I blatantly remember hearing my voice echo throughout the entire dream: "is this a dream?" over and over again, and next thing I remember is everything getting blurry and fading.

The interesting thing is, the dream was no where close to being "vivid" like I've experience in other dreams. If anything this was heavily on the "groggy" side of dreams. Very one dimensional, but for some reason I still managed to question methodically if I was dreaming.

Am I happy/ ecstatic? Yes and no; somethings bugging me. The reason I was so close to a lucid dream can easily be explained through the many graphs that have been presented depicting the brain wave patterns during sleep. Clearly I reached the state where I wasn't totally lost in midworld, but I wasn't exactly awake either. Only problem is, I felt like I got no sleep last night. What bugs me is that to get to that state, it feels like I need to be somewhat awake in my sleep, not allowing me to get the feeling of proper sleep.

I'm happy that I almost had a lucid dream ( In fact, I've been down this road time and time again. I'll try to attain lucidity, fail, give up and then BAM: lucid dream), but I don't want to have to sacrifice a sleep.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this? More specifically, lets say I can achieve the lucid state, is there a way I can let my body get the proper sleep it needs?