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    Thread: My First Lucid Dream!

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      Thumbs up My First Lucid Dream!

      About two weeks back I read about the FILD technique on here (I can't remember by who). I tried it and I got lucid first time! It was also my first lucid dream, that basically sparked my interest in LD's. Well, during the dream I remember finding myself in an empty room, I say room but it was more of an empty space of complete white, and told myself, "This is a dream, I'm lucid!". Naturally, the first thing you want to do is fly, so, similar to the Arkham series of video games I climbed to the top of an air-vent on the roof of a building and jumped off. I fell. But falling even felt like the best thing ever. It's like this feeling in your heart of just pure magic.
      The rest of the dream is more blurry. However, I remember going LARPing in a snowy forest, and just telling my self to stay lucid. That concluded my first lucid dream! Something that I would never forget! After the dream I had an FA, I woke up in my room with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington in the corner. But for some reason I didn't become lucid.
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      Congratulations dude for your first lucid dream seems like you have good time there, the flying experience was good for you.

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      Quote Originally Posted by yrwgabwgadrwg View Post
      I fell.
      I laughed But hey really good you managed to get your first LD! I hope the experience gave you more motivation to the subject

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