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      My First Lucid Dream!

      Hello Everyone! Today I think I had my first LD!

      I woke up for a split second in the morning, maybe for like two minutes.. not much. In those two minutes my body got really heavy, and tingly.
      this is usually for me. This is how I usually tell I'am about to dream. Anyway, the dream started off in my bedroom, with in the corner of my eye. My brother sitting
      legs folded, facing away from me. My dreams (non-lucid) start add me feeling really paralyzed, and I usually try to force my way out of it. This time I didn't.

      I relaxed.. tried to calm myself down, and imagine that the paralysis or weight was lifted off of me, which seemed like a couple of minutes. It was gone. I then confirmed with a RC(nose plug)For some reason the dream scape changed. I was outside, overcast, and raining. This is where the dream was noticeably different then my others. I could feel the rain... The cold
      drops of rain on my skin. It was a feeling I never felt before in my dreams. In the rain, I took a look at my hands. I noticed none to minute wrinkles. I then rubbed my hands together and spun
      in circles for Stabilization & Clarity. Afterwords I looked at them again.. and oh my god. I COULD SEE MY HAND FORMING WRINKLES AND BECOMING MORE VIVID. Each wrinkle connected with
      another, and another. Until in full detail it seemed. I have missed bits of the dream. But I have tried to put them together with much sense as possible. Next thing I was in a house, foreign to me. With my brother, and close friend Zak. It was really dark. So somehow I closed my eyes, and imagined a little source of light, and it worked! suddenly I hear a bang at the door, and the door flies open with about 50 people outside of it, and they had beer, women, solo cups. The whole nine yards(Party time) I took the dream a different direction and gave me and my friends guns, and we blasted them away. Two groups of them. In the dream, I told my close brother(who is 18) that I was dreaming, lucidly to be exact. He responded "That's crazy dude." This is where it gets a bit funny. I don't know how but we were back outside. I wanted to ride a fast motorcycle. I tried to spawn one, but instead it gave me a John Deer riding lawnmower. Which now that I look at it is funny as hell This is my First Lucid dream

      P.S. I would say this was a WBTB? and I also have been reading the book "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming" By Stephen Laberge. Is this a good book for any lucid dreamer to read?
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      Congratulations on your lucid dream! It's all uphill from here, getting more and more, and just improving if you stick at it.

      I don't know how but we were back outside.
      A bit of advice for this is that you most likely are missing fragments of your dream from your memory. An increase in your recall should help this, which no doubt you know about. It will help you not to miss any little details like that.

      I agree, this is a WBTB, because you woke up then went back to sleep. And yes, ETWOLD is a commonly recommended read among the community.

      Happy lucids!

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      Yaaay! Congratulations on your very first lucid dream. This is just the beginning; there will be many more to come. Who knows? You might even have another tonight.

      I think it's funny that the dream gave you a lawn mower instead of a motorcycle. Was there any part of you that wasn't very confident in your spawning abilities? Sometimes that can be the reason why things don't quite work out as you plan them.

      Again, congratulations!
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      Yo and congrats on the first lucid dream!
      That's indeed WBTB, or more like Micro-WBTB, any time one wakes up during normal sleep can increase chance to get lucid due to higher awareness when going back to sleep. And also that's pretty good so far for first lucid dream, keep practicing and it will indeed get even better.

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