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    Thread: A talk with a dream girlfriend

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      A talk with a dream girlfriend

      Today I had an interesting conversation with a woman.

      I'm in a street. The woman on the other side of the street is looking at me. We know we are very close friends, maybe in a relationship or even married (but i only know this inside the dream, because i do not know who she is in the waking life). She is beautiful. Short height, brunette, green eyes, her face kinda looks like actress Zooey Deschanel.
      We hug. We start talking a bit while walking and i become lucid. I decide to talk about dreams.
      Me-"Can I ask you a question?"
      Woman-"You can."
      Me-"Did you know that this is all a dream? You are dreaming too."
      I notice that she becomes a little disappointed to hear that.
      Me-"Yes, you know why? Give me your hand. Count your fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You have 6 fingers. See?"
      She is not very surprised.
      Me-"Another question. We know each other..." (here I notice that she is a bit disappointed to hear the word "know) "... ahm... we like ..." (same expression) "... we love ..." (she becomes happier) "... and we usually meet in the dream. But sometimes I wake up in the middle of the dream. When this happens I disappear and i'm no longer by your side. Did you never find this strange?"
      Woman-"No, i understand. Notice the different cultures around the world. There are countries where when a woman is with a man and he disappears, she stays faithful and waits for his return. There are other countries that do not."
      After we talk a little more, we agree to meet more often in future dreams.

      This is not the first time that i dream with a woman that i know is my girlfriend or wife. In each dream, the dream character has always a different appearance but in all of the dreams i know we met a long time ago. In waking life I've never seen her, nor am i in a relationship. Well, it looks like i'm in a relationship only in dreams.
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      I often have dreams that involve the female half of myself. I'm trying to teach her to remind me that I'm dreaming, with little success at the moment. She looks different every time I look at her, but has the same witty personality. We're in love, and thats why I returned to lucid dreaming.
      Love is a powerful word.

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      Awesome dream man, particularly interesting how it's a recurring theme. I'd hazard a guess that you can look forward to unraveling more meaning and mystery from this in your future dreams.
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