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    Thread: Lucid dream in a non-lucid dream

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      Lucid dream in a non-lucid dream

      Hi guys
      This is my first entrie on my DJ, but it was not my first LD.
      Well, all started with me sleeping on the sofa for a long long time, maybe 3 hours, then I woke up and went to bed, and that's when the fun began.
      I think that non-lucid dreams have have a more interesting story, and this night was the perfect combination of the two (lucid and non-lucid).
      I started dreaming and I was not lucid, the dream was about me and a group of explorers who travel through a ship to the past (up to the time of kings). During the day we tried to find the artifact that endeavored (I think it had powers that were needed at the present time) and at the evening the action began (for me).
      I and my buddie had a laboratory of dreams for us, our mission was in a dream, while we slept on the machines that we had built, have lucid dreams.
      But dreams stemmed space where we were sleep, like a machine that make out of body experiences, we tried to get information about where the artifact was located, and even dangerous to life intentionally, because we knew it was only a dream.
      When we woke up, the dream continued and the group was joined and the with the information that I had taken the night before, we were going in search of the artifact, we found the artifact and returned to the present time.
      Now that I remember best the dream machines had the same functions that the machines in Avatar (film), but had one desin completely different, and our avatar was a body like ours.
      I realize that the dream lasted several days, 4/5 days. And every time I "dreamed" within the dream, my sense of time changed. When we dream we feel that spent nearly an hour and actually spent only 15 minutes.
      In the dream within the dream I had the notion that I spent almost 2 hours lucid. What would be very little time to sleep in real life, 15 minutes (if this theory were true).

      hugs, remain lucid guys

      Ps:If you see my brother out there (Vagal Tone) kick his ass for me
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      Congrats on lucid!
      That's quite interesting dream storyline indeed. I don't think non-lucids always have more interesting story though, because with practice one can remain lucid while following dream storyline and it can be quite fun, or even create new story!
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      Well done!
      That sounds really interesting and like a lot of fun! And it sounds sooo vivid as well. I have had similar dreams in the past few weeks. I really love those lucid dreams within your non-lucids, but however I always feel annoyed when I don't RC after the FA... Oh well... keeps me motivated to practice more.
      I'm sure you'll have a lot more of those awesome dreams. Let us know about them
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