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      Lightbulb continued awareness: awake-asleep-awake

      I've had this cool experience just now. went to bed at about 8pm-ish. woke up 3 pm-ish. napped 6-7 am. my awareness contiuned through the whole process of falling asleep, dreaming, then waking up. basically I suppose I was just doing WILD. the dream wasn't very lucid, though. I believe it may be good to analize the art of lucid dreaming through different characteristics, like awareness, freedom of choice, clarity, detail, memory, exc. like is done with meditation (concentration, clarity, equanimity... see Shinzen Young).

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      Congrats on WILD!
      And yes, i agree, lucid dreaming has many characteristics, and if you want you can start writing them at the start of dream journal entries, read this tutorial for a good example: Dream Journal Tutorial - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
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