During the day (Tuesday) i was coming down with something, towards the night it was getting worse. Took a few flue meds and went to bed, woke up around 4 am becuz of my loud brother, but I was still able to find sleep again, although I felt really sick for the few minutes I was awake. The dream begins now: Iím at work, minutes away from my performance review with my boss. And actually I have performance review coming up this Thursday. But anyways, so in my dream Iím sitting there, really afraid and nervous, and Iím trying to go home early cuz Iím sick, but my boss gets angry becuz of this and I have an axiety attack and storm out the workplace, I go home. After an unknown period of time, I recover and my family decides to take me out to dinner to help me unwind. They take me to this bar/restaurant, in the middle of it all I get up to go to the restroom and I excuse myself. I go through the door of the restroom and Iím suddenly somewhere else. I donít even know where. (And I donít like telling this part at all, cuz Iím not that kind of person, but here it goes..), Iím in a place where random men and women are touching, kissing,Öeach other. And this one beautiful woman comes up to me and starts to talk. It doesnít take long before weíre kissing and touching, even though we started a verbal fight a minute into our conversation. She leaves suddenly, I still manage to give her a card with my number on it, I remember begging her that we keep in touch but Iím a in a panic mode, Iím asking everybody I come across on my search for her if they have seen her or know her name. I didnít know her name.

This is where it got twisted for me. I want to go back to the bar/restaurant cuz I realize Iíve been there for a long time, I find a door and I go through it, and Iím suddenly in a haunted house. I just felt it was a haunted house cuz the inside of the house looked condemned, abandoned for at least decades, and you just feel the aware stare on you the minute you set foot in that house. The walls, everything is grey or black or darkish, nobody cleaned for decades..well you get it. I see this lil stool in the center of the room with a device in front of it. It looks like one of those big walkie talkies. But I hear voices coming through it, and I see parts of legs creeping away behind the corner of whatever room Iím in. I push the button on the thing and start talking, basic things like ďhelloĒ, and sometimes I get responses, like you would play back evpís or something, cryptic responses that have no meaning at all. And then this female voice comes through, but this oneís different, she doesnít just speak words or broken up sentences, but she speaks full sentences, dialogues if you will. She starts talking: (these werenít her literal words, I donít remember everything, what Iím writing down here is all I remember) ďThere is no honour in this, you need to let go, find a way. I know thereís a lot of anger, confusion, despair and pain you have. But this isnít the way, taking your own life isnít the answer if you donít find a way youíll end up like me, away from me. She talked pretty clearly and straight forward but I donít know why she said these things, I have been suicidal in the past, but the past few weeks Iív been feeling good actually. I ask her who she is, she tells me her name is ďMessĒ (or something that sounds like you pronounce ďmessĒ), and she starts telling me random (bad) events that happened in my life, like she was there or something and I start crying cuz how could this dead person/woman know so much about me, and why does she tell me this? But at the same time I feel ÖcomfortÖa familiar feeling, like somehow I know her. Then sheís gone, and I start asking questions. The random voices come again and then thereís a male/almost demonic kind of voice that comes through. I ask him where ďmessĒ went to, who she is, where she is?....all he says is that ďMessĒ her name is Kim and sheís in an unknown place by herself cuz she took her own life. And thatís when Iím forced to leave the house. I go through the door again and Iím back in the restaurant, and my family is angry cuz I was away for so long. And I start crying and throwing things at them and yelling that Iím sick of this and sick of that,Öand then I wake up in a complete state of panic and exhaustion at the same time.

The dream doesnít sound like all that much but..it made such an impression on me, normally Iím always aware even that Iím dreaming, but now it was likeÖso real, and it didnít make sense at all, but at the same time it did. Cuz when Kim/Mess talked I felt likeÖI was talking to someone I had known for a very long time but somehow I forgot her and she knew..And no I donít know any kim in my life. When I woke up it was likeÖif anyone has experience with fainting and suddenly opening your eyes and gasping for airÖthatís what it was like. Im wondering if I was visited by a spirit..it felt so much more than a dream.