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    Thread: Waking yourself up experiment. Anyone ever tried this?

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      Thumbs up Waking yourself up experiment. Anyone ever tried this?

      Last time I was on this site I was reading an entry from someone who was saying they were afraid to Lucid Dream in case they couldn't wake themselves up. To me that's not a problem as even before I knew about LDing I could force myself awake when something bad was happening - so I thought id experiment a little.

      The other night I was in the middle of a non-lucid dream, and things where getting bad, (This nowadays is where I usually become Lucid and change it.) But on this occasion I wanted to wake myself up differently from normal, no forcing myself awake. Normally I force my eyes open from within the dream and kinda feels like i'm sucking myself out of the dream.

      So when shit started going down I tried to find a different way to leave the dream. Now lucid of course, I walked through an alleyway and into a little corner shop style thing. It was dark and dingy and like a little old sweet shop. I spoke to the lady at the counter, a tiny little, very old Chinese lady, looked almost like a witch sort of character. I said to her whilst looking at all the different sweets and stuff lined up on the counter and in jars -

      "I need you to give me something that will wake me up."

      She took a moment to think and pottered around, and come back with a dark blue sphere shaped sweet. I was well aware that outside the shop was still very hostile and coming closer. The DC handed it over and nodded assertive and reassuringly to me. I popped it into my mouth and swallowed it whole. Instantly my vision went funny, bright colours in a spiralling black tunnel, It felt like I was being pulled backwards through the tunnel head first. Only about three seconds later I was awake on my pillow, slightly shocked, but it worked! How amazing was that!

      So yeah I thought that was a pretty cool experiment, and something new to me. Worked just how I wanted it too though and would be interesting to see if that style works on anyone else, (I know most people don't want to wake up from LDs,) but if they did then give it a try or let me know ways you have tried!
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      Cool method. A risky but effective one is trying to feel your legs in your bed. Sometimes you can feel it and you almost always get pulled out, though your method is much more creative
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      That's an interesting method. What a cool dream! I used to have lucid nightmares for years until I learned dream control. Now I like to stay in my lucid nightmares and battle my enemies.
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      What an awesome way to end a lucid nightmare. I've used DCs in those before, but nothing this creative!
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      The first lucid dream that I had, at least the first where I started making stuff happen;

      I was standing in a door way. I was a part of the door frame. It was all very weird. I thought to myself, I am dreaming right now. I am in bed and it is probably early in the morning. Open your eyes. I opened my eyes and I was in bed. I closed my eyes and went straight back to my dream. I was again in the door. In my dream I thought to myself what I had just done. I thought to myself while in my dream, "You just woke your self up and you are now dreaming again. No shi-". Do it again. I opened my eyes and closed them again. But I was now awake. I looked up lucid dreaming the next day.

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