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    Thread: The land of evil spirits

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      The land of evil spirits

      I had a lucid dream on sunday morning. In this dream, i decided to out-run a moving car. I ran so fast that when i finally managed to deacelerate, the car was way behind me, and my teeth were vibrating because of the extreme speed i used. Then just in my front was some place like a park. I entered through the gate. In there, i met a very little girl that was showing me some hand symbols. We were communicating by thought, and these hand symbols were kind of a way to summon the lucid dreaming experience any time i wanted, and remain in it as long as i wanted. But she was too fast with the symbols that i couldn't pick up easily, despite her repeating it several times. Then i noticed that she bent down and started sucking on the chest of a little baby under her. And what's worse...i saw that she was biologically attached to this baby by the waist, like some form of severe deformity. I was horrified. Then i turned left and saw another baby under a tree. This baby was sucking the chest of another baby just as the girl was doing, and there was another baby attached to it too. So three babies were biologically joined by some sort of deformation, sucking each other. Then it occured in my mind that these babies are not humans. They were evil spirits, and the land was accursed. So in strong disgust i said: "This land is evil and full of demons and evil spirits!" and i began to run out of the land, uttering the statement: "May the angels of God prevail!". Just then, something bit me on my back, and i escaped by causing myself to wake up. Just in the instance of waking up, i saw in my mind the form of what bit me: it was like a dog and a wolf, with very huge and sharp teeth!
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      sounds fucked up bro, crazy what we can perceive while lucid hey

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      Thats crazy. Im pretty sure that was probably one of you most memorable lucids you had. I also had a lucid dream where i asked dream character to take me hell. Nothing seemed scary until bunch crazy looking people came speed walking towards me with one of them holding humans face which were ripped of one the crazy men. In panic i managed to teleport out but lost lucidity.
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