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      Good decent lucid dream!

      Well, yes.

      It involved me going around this highway, and I imagined some guy getting kicked far away. I really imagined it and my dream let it happen. OK, it was more or less dream control than lucid dreaming, but it was still fascinating.

      I was also able to have some extent of conscious in another dream. It involved me being at school at night time and I hate to present some kind of presentation, but this was going to be aired on television. The school looked a lot like a prison, and acted like a prison. I could recognize it as a dream but only somewhat. It was at the end where I recognized it was a dream and started running away to a door. Dream ended there as I couldn't remember to rub my hands.

      Anyway, a pretty eventful night. Hopefully I'll keep improving.

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      Sounds like great LD control! I guess it's an improvement in control skills, right? Anyway, your in the right direction and will surely improve.
      Good luck!!
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