Last year I believe it was, was when I had a dream with the same thing in it, and I know many of you will be like, 'oh don't worry', or 'take it somewhere else', but I'll explain it anyway. You know how there's this whole phenominon of Slenderman from somethingawful and Marble Hornets? Well I had a dream about Slenderman three or four times, three in one night, and the fourth a few days after. So I'll get to explaining..

The first dream I had, I was in my bedroom, and I believe there were blinds on the window, not quite sure, but I saw a figure near the corner of my window, but it came into full view and it was Slenderman, and he just stood there. I decided to go outside, but it was as if I was in some other place, not outside my house, and that's where my dream ends, well.. if it didn't and I just can't remember sorry D:

The next dream was nearly the same, like he was standing outside my window again and such and then next I know we were in a house and he was killing a random family, and as if I couldn't control myself I killed them to, like sliced them up with a kitchen knife I had in my hand. And then we left, that's where THAT dream ended.

The third dream was I was in a forest, on one of those motorbike or like big rv thingys?.. that you usually hear people fallin off of. So I was driving and he was following me as I drove through the forest and dodged wolfs that were headed at us and that's all that happened.

I woke up in early morning around 3 and was to scared to look out my window because it felt so real in a way you know? I went to my dad and laid in the chair, curled up in my blanket till like 7 Am. But I did fall asleep till 7, but the next dream wasn't about Slendy.