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      I just had my first lucid dream!!

      Guys I feel so wise right now. So after maybe two weeks of RC'ing I just had a LD with the self awareness. So I was dreaming being at school and I just thought to myself, how can I be at school? (Because school got cancelled today due to the cold), and I realized i must be dreaming. But it's weird because when only using RC for two weeks, I didn't use that technique in my first LD, but anyways, I was LD'ing for like only ten seconds, till I said screw it, I want to "feel myself" in the dream.

      SO when I tried to "feel" myself in the dream, I switched to SP, and decided to induce a WILD, and I know when doing that I'm supposed to imagine a setting, and use all my five senses to put myself in that setting (Is that correct?). Then I would be WILD'ing, so I did that and just thought of a classroom at school, and I tried to put all my senses into it, then I saw myself there, but I know I wasn't all the way there yet, but that's the farthest I went. So I got a pretty good bundle with first LD and WILD in one night But I just need to learn how to put my whole self into the WILD. Any tips? And also since I did my first LD, do you think I would get them more often? And how come I didn't do my RC in the dream, when that's the only thing I did for practicing?

      Sorry for lot of questions, but I'm so elated now! And I have no idea why!

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      Congrats on your first LD I still only have 1 but it's cool, isn't it?

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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