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      My Reoccuring Dream!


      Read a bit about dreaming and just remembered the really odd reoccuring dream I used to have a long time ago.
      I thought I could share (what i remember) it with you and see if there like some kind of explanation to why I dreamed that again.

      I was at my house and outside in my garden there were a fence covering the animals from comming in that were standing like 30 meters away from me. There were like a lion/tiger a zebra e.t.c. and in one of those dreams I belive that I got outside the graden and then I got hunted by the lion but I just got inside the garden so I thought it was cool, but then it jumed over it but luckily I ran into my house and closed the door just as it was going to attack me.
      That was pretty much it. It was in the miiddle of the day and I felt a bit of fear and I didn't know that I was dreaming.

      Now, here are some sugggestions I could think of. There's living a dog (pretty big and scary) beside me witch has a fence so it can't attack you and people have like said 'what if it jumps over it?' And that fits pretty well to my dream, what do you think?
      I just forgot the other suggestion I had but well.. Has my suggestion something to do with the dream or has it something with emotions to do? Also why have I dreamed it like 2 times?

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      If I told you..
      If you have only dreamed it twice, I would call that more of a re-occurred dream; not re-occurrING. I've had MANY different dreams that ended up becoming re-occurring dreams (some of which I'm still having re-occur). Some of these re-occurring dreams I've had nearly 100 times. Given the number of re-occurring dreams I've had in my lifetime, I'd say I have a good amount of information on the subject.

      If you are experiencing a dream more than once, chances are this dream is really emotional for you. Details of the dream don't really tell anything from one person to another, as I don't know how you think. I don't know your likes, dislikes, phobias, fears, emotional state, etc, etc; and so I cannot really make any judgments based on the context of your dream. However, like I said, if this dream is for whatever reason, rather emotional; this is more than likely why it is re-occurring to you. Now; whether or not the dream actually MEANS something... like say, it's about a future event (maybe the dog one day WILL jump over the fence, and chase you into the house), or perhaps that you simply fear that the dog will do that... or that maybe there is a hidden meaning somewhere... that's really for you to find out... as like I implied above--dream interpretation is highly specialized to the individual who has the dream. If you would like me to try and explain how to interpret dreams let me know. And also; as for WHY we dream an emotional dream over again, is really up for debate. If it's a pre-cog dream, then it's a warning... if it has a hidden meaning, then it's trying to tell you something... if it's emotionally based, then your brain is trying to sort out something about the emotions involved... but if it's anything else, it's hard to say.

      I've had all sorts of re-occurring dreams... the one I've had the most, I've had since I was probably 4... and while it's a little different (and longer) every time... it's very obviously the same dream. I've also had some re-occurring dreams that turned out to be pre-cog. I've also had some fear based ones that basically helped me work out that fear. I've had all sorts, in short. The re-occurring dream I'm currently having (besides a few really old ones I've always had), is about me either finding out how to create a free energy machine, creating one, or finding one. It's very odd, because in the dream, I always know how it works... and it makes perfect sense... I mean, I can remember thinking about very concrete an complex things (though what exactly, I cannot remember)... but every time I wake up, I cannot remember how the free energy was created. I really bothers me, because I don't know if it's an actual viable source for free energy, or that my mind is thinking up of some nonsense that would never work in the real world, or somewhere inbetween.

      Hope I helped.
      "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

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      Okay, thank you for the info! Dreams are always interesting, but how are you able to dream so many? Aswell as they are lucid, I believe?

      I just got another dream yesterday, I've had that dream like 2-3 times now I think.

      Basically I'm somewhere inside, and then the lights get turned off and I get really scared. And yesterday, when the lights got turned off I crawled together and saw like these white dots, but felt the presence off somebody standing a inch away from me, I thought It/he was going to kill me.
      Do you think it's because I'm scared of darkness, or could it be something else?

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