I was in my room after continually falling asleep and waking up against etc.. I was trying to lucid so I did several reality checks during this process they didn't really work so after a while I kept repeating them.. When I did the nose plug! It worked and I was beside my bed.. I felt really dizzy like in a previous lucid finding it hard to stand.. I did another nose plug reality checkto check I was still dreaming.. I could just about breathe through my nose.. I walked to the other side of the bedroom and felt the walls they were white on colour and had a grainy texture, I could feel the raised bumbs under my fingers..

I then looked at my hand.. It looked the same as usual.. That's until I looked again.. This time I had an extra finger coming from one of my fingers.. Every time I moved my hand the fingers changed, swirling about..

I walked out my room turned right and run at full speed and jumped through a closed window while front flipping.. I would have landed in an enclosed garden so I froze in mid air and reversed time.. Once in the room again I tried to create a phone that I had earlier in the dream.. Nothing happened so I tried to reach into my pocket and expect it too be there, again no such luck.. I also tried to spin around and change the scenery.. But when I stopped everything was the same.. There was no one In the house as far as I could tell so I walked from the room down my enclosed stairs, opened the door and went out through the porch.. Then I was standing near a nearby bus stop.. As ever I wanted to fly! I haven't had any real lucids where I was flying and in control..

I bend down one hand on the ground.. I composed my self and pushed off as hard as I could reaching up towards the sky.. But all that happened was that I went up a few feet and floated slowly back towards the ground.. I wasn't deterred however! I've read about how it can be hard at first to fly on lucid dreams.. So I ran at full speed in the direction of the bus stop, there where a few people scattered about, I was slightly bent forward and all of a sudden I was flying !

I was relatively low to the ground at this point, I positioned my arm in front of me fist clenched and slightly 'paddled' with my feet as I seemed to fly faster..I could feel the air rushing past my face!

Gaining In height slightly I was flying over a nearby bridge/ underpass taking in the sights when the scenery changed to something I didn't recognise.. It was cool all the same, I flew over a lake and over large expanses of fields, under a bridge when I proceeded to wake up.

Best. Lucid. To. Date