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    Thread: Lucid, but trapped

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      Lucid, but trapped

      My last lucid dream was... a failure. I noticed I was in a lucid dream and I wanted to do something cool and fun, so I decided to run as fast as I could, which worked. I don't think I had ever moved that fast, but then I got trapped in my body. I tried thinking of other things, tried to wake myself up, tried to take over my body again... nothing. I could feel the wind, I could feel my dream body move super fast, but I couldn't control anything anymore, and I was still very much lucid. I felt like a very heavy rock.

      Has anyone else ever been through this?
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      Yeah, I'll sometimes be trapped in my bed at the start of a WILD. I can move, but the movements are very sluggish and I make virtually no progress. Or I can move around fine, but I can't speak or yell. Not exactly like what you mentioned, but it reminded me of those instances. I wonder if on some level you or I are too aware of our sleeping bodies in those moments. Interesting to think about..

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      Hmm, Never been through it personally. However, Just the other day I was wondering if one is able to seemingly loose the ability to return to reality at will. I guess you could then define it as being trapped within the dream, maybe spending what seems like days in the dream. Then, waking up to having only been 'Trapped' within the dream for about an hour or so.

      I really have no Idea as to what would restrain one from leaving their dream. In Ophelias experience, It seems that yes, it's likely she's still somewhat intact with her body in reality, and the sensory processing encased within that body. Thus, ridding oneself of these sensations is sometimes a sluggish process.

      Maybe next time you find yourself trapped inside a dream, And you want to leave immediately rather than ride it out. Scare yourself out of it. Try to harm yourself, jump off a building, etc. But, If your going to try this, MAKE DAMN SURE YOUR IN A DREAM.
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