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    Thread: Horrible lucid experience

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      Horrible lucid experience

      Hey, I have unfortunately given up on lucid dreaming for a pretty long time. I have recently got interested in the subject and started over my dream journal and RCs
      So yesterday I slept during the day for an hour and a half.I had a certain dream that I don't remember, then I woke up (I had a false awakening). I was looking at my phone and realized that the apps looked strange,so I did a nose-plugging RC and it worked.
      I started walking in the house,looking at the mirror thinking what to do. But every few seconds a blackness came and a sharp, extremely strong and even painful voice appeared in my ears, it happened a couple of times until it was unbearable and I had several False Awakenings in which the voice continued and I was paralized to my bed. It was like the dream aggressively rejects me.
      While I remember having this feeling before at several times in which I realized I was dreaming,but this experience was just terrifying. Every time I realize I am dreaming I can't keep my lucidity/get rejected from the dream
      Does someone has an idea how to make my lucid experiences better?

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      Controlling your dream has a lot to do with truly believing you have control. The stronger that belief the more control you will have over your dreamworld.

      You can try this: When you are actually in the dream, and realize you are dreaming, speak out loud in a strong voice, "This is MY dream! I am in control!" Really believe what you are saying.
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      Thank you! I will hopefully try it out next time I become lucid

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