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    Thread: An awesome first lucid dream... 6th attempt. :D

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      Post An awesome first lucid dream... 6th attempt. :D

      Alright.. This was what happened during my sixth attempt.. along with some tips from my friends who have also experienced lucid dreaming...

      Tried to keep calm when I realized that I was actually lucid dreaming.

      'excuse my grammar. c:


      I was so tired and was resting on my bed, my head was on the comfy pillow. The clock on the shelf flashed briefly to me that it struck 9'clock. I started to getting tired... I looked at the ceiling and examined it... I closed my eyes softly. My head was totally blank, nothing was bothering at me at all. But I remained conscious. (obviously a WILD attempt)

      I woke up at around 6:00 AM, it was still dark outside -- pitch black. My room seemed to be blurry, as I examined objects surrounding me, the room seemingly got more vivider and sharper. I got up slowly, then suddenly, I had a small headache. I rubbed my forehead as I got out of my room; then walked in living room and pressed the power switch on my PlayStation 3 console-- Nothing happened. I looked at the back of the system. They was all perfectly plugged into console. My 40" inch slim TV was there as just I remembered. The plug into the wall was also plugged into the wall socket.

      Something strange was going on, every functionable electronics in the house wasn't responding. Expect, as far, only one I knew was working was my clock in my room.

      I walked downstairs and saw everything was perfectly in place. My dad's basement which is filled up with some late 1970s and early 1980s arcade games. (Zaxxon, Joust, Asteroids, are some of them) Everything was exactly there as I remembered. I examined my surrounding. I walked into the house's garage. The garage was bit of mess, as usual. The car parked nearby, a Werner Ladder, two mountain bikes leaning on the wall, recycle bin, lights and everything was in the place -- and something caught my eye --

      A Pac-Man upright cabinet. My dad bought it for $380. Its CPU (brain) was missing and the daughter board wasn't attached to the logic board. It was certainly out of the order.

      I thought... I knew this was obviously a dream... a dream where you was aware of what you're doing in a dream. You could do everything you wanted here in the dream-world. You could say it's the Matrix. I had an marvelous idea --

      I plugged the Pac-Man machine into the wall socket. And, indeed, the Pac-Man's marquee flashed brilliantly, as the machine jumped to life. The marquee illuminated the entire garage, reflecting off the car bodywork in even tiniest detail.

      I opened the coindoor, flicked coin sensor that simulated coins being put in the machine. The credit counter jumped to 3 credits. I grinned wryly as I stretched out my arms and gripped my hand on the Pac-Man machine's bright red joystick; another hand on side of the cabinet.

      I watched as this machine finished its warm-up and this got shown on the screen:

      " Character / Nickname

      Shadow - "Blinky"
      Speedy - "Pinky"
      Bashful - "Inky"
      Pokey - "Clyde"

      As the famous Pac-Man emerged into the screen. With all four ghosts chasing him across the screen and magically and suddenly, they all changed direction and into blue ghosts and raced to opposite side of the monitor as Pac-Man gobbled them up.

      And on the bottom, it showed a 1980 copyright. It was exactly like a real machine... My dream was showing me a virtual reality game within my mind.

      I slapped the player one button, bright glowing yellow READY! appeared on middle of the 30 year old monitor. As our yellow pizza-shaped hero emerged into the screen. As the game started, I executed the all pattern perfectly and occasionally passed through my enemies and made it through alive. It seemed that I was playing my best Pac-Man game ever.

      Around 29th level, during when I was playing my 29 perfect levels so far... A virtual game within my mind. As I gobbled down few dots as I advanced to the next level... I felt something put a heavy weight on my right shoulder. I looked back... A silhouette and slender figure of a man, I couldn't see his face at all. He briefly spoke in a heavy British accent, "It's time. -- " before he could finish his sentence... Then everything was pitch-black.

      My eyelids pried open as I woke up in my real room, my vision was fuzzing like one of those a old CRT TV's static screen. My room looked slightly disoriented. In no time, everything returned to normal. I looked at the clock briefly -- 11:53 PM.. and the ":" in between four glowing digits flashed brilliantly into my dark room. I smiled as I went back to the sleep until next morning.

      Success!! And pretty long and awesome for a first-timer!!!

      An awesome picture to go with this --
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      Wow sounds cool! My first LD was a little bit short. I wish I had as much control as you

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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      Congrats on your LD!!
      Total LDs (some very brief) = 2004: 4 * 2005: 18 * 2006: 16 * 2007: 2 * 2008: 0 * 2009: 0 * 2010: 1 * 2011: 12 * 2012: 3 * 2013: 1 * 2014: 6 * 2015: 1 * 2016: 0 * 2017: 18 * 2018: 3 * 2019: 0 (so far)

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      Congrats on your first lucid!
      And thats some awesome recreation of arcades.
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      Thanks guys! I'd have to try it again and.. maybe have fun in bed. :3

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