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    Thread: Sucessful WILD, conquer my fear, experienced lots of things

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      Sucessful WILD, conquer my fear, experienced lots of things

      Today i had in a succesful and wonderful WILD a long and vivid lucid dream which i managed to conquer one of my fears and experience other great things.


      This WILD started with the vibrations on my body. I lay still until imagery becomes vivid. I saw my room and i slowly started to move until i get up in my bed. All this in the dream.
      Throughout this dream, i explored the houses in my building and it was all so detailed and vivid. All the houses were beautiful decorated and organized, with extreme detail and color. it was beautiful to see.

      To conquer a fear

      One of my fears (and long time triggers for a really bad dream) is being attacked by an animal. Sometimes i dream that i'm being attacked by a dog or other animal. When i was a child, it became a nightmare. When i learned to control my dreams, i just let the animal attack me because i knew that i will wake up after that. Today i conquered that also.
      I'm on a balcony closed by windows. On the other side there's a tiger, very angry, trying to get in. I'm trying to lock the window but it doesn't lock. So, knowing i'm dreaming, i scream at the tiger:
      -"This is a dream. Do you want to attack me? Go ahead. Nothing wrong can happen to me."
      The tiger makes a move at me but it's blocked by the window. Instead of backing up, i put my face right in front of his. Then, i see another black tiger inside, in the balcony, right next to me. I will not run. I scream at him:
      -"Do you want to attack me? Go on. This is a dream. Try your best."
      He jumped at me but he's blocked by an invisible shield separating me from the tiger. I continue screaming at him. He then starts to back up and he begins to get smaller. He slowly gets more scared and wants to get out of the building. I follow him. When we get to the exit door, he's already a small and very cute puppy. I pick him up, pet him and say to him:
      -"Isn't it better to be friendly? Go tell your friends that."
      And i let him go.

      Other experiences

      -Experience taste-
      I entered a house with a beautiful organized kitchen. There's some very tasteful almond pie ready to be eaten. I pick up one slice e take a bite. I'm amazed on how real this is. I can feel the pie in my mouth and even taste the flavour. Curious how my brain tries to mimick the flavour.

      -Ask a question about life-
      I see a man dressed as a mechanic and i ask him:
      -"What's the meaning of life?"
      He says:
      -"To do good things and be remembered for that."
      I said:
      -"Wow. What a cool answer. Yeah. i guess you're right. Thank you."

      -Ask about past lifes-
      I see a woman and ask her what was i in a past life. She said a name and a military rank. And she said that she gave me that name. She was my mother back then.
      (I don't know what to take or believe about this one, but it was cool.)
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      Wow the past life one was cool, Also the meaning of life, that was good answer. Sounds like a cool WILD

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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