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      First Real Lucid Dream in Over a Year!

      I gotta keep this short for now, but I managed to have my fist lucid dream last night after trying to get back into it over the last week. I tried a WBTB and then WILD but I just fell asleep.

      All I remember from the beginning of the lucid dream is I was walking down some stairs outdoors somewhere and decided to jump down? It's hard to really explain, but I kind of started floating I guess and wanted to go into this store in front of me. Instead of reaching out for the door, I just willed it to open for me. It almost didn't want to at first, but it did on my second try. As I was floating into the store, I realized what was happening and I looked down and, sure enough, my feet were floating a few inches off the ground. After I saw that I became fully aware of what was going on. I did the nose pinch RC just to help solidify that yes, this is in fact a dream. I just kept floating to wherever I was going while thinking about what to do.

      The dream lasted quite a while, so I can't really explain everything I did in too much detail. It also feels like I'm mis remembering part of the non lucid dream I had before waking up and the one after my lucid as part of the lucid dream itself. Either way, I just did lots of various hilarious things to different DCs (practical joke-ish). I pretty much just floated everywhere I went to, regardless of what was in front of me. I went through walls to conjure up new scenery, opened doors to reveal new places. Overall it was very fun, but I forgot about my dream goals.

      I'm just happy that I was able to have one again, whether or not I can remember exactly what it is I did. I miss what they feel like!

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      Congrats on the lucid! And doing fun, joke-ish things to DCs? Hmm, you might've completed a TotM there!

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