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      first lucid dream in over a year and a half

      hi guy's i used to lurk this forum about 2-3 years ago after i had my first lucid dream. I learned the basics and just kinda put them into use when ever i went lucid, i never really made a journal or tested myself during the day. i used to go lucid maybe 2 or 3 time's a month. but my life became really hectic so usually when i went to sleep i crashed hard and didnt even remember my dream's most of the time, until today. i had a crazy exhausting weekend full of work, lack of sleep and partying.

      So i got home saturday night, drunk and exhausted around 9pm went straight to sleep blacked out. woke up at 7am famished drank a couple gallon's of water
      ate way to big of a meal for breakfast which made me super lethargic, i went back to sleep for i have no idea long. I woke up feeling alot better my hang over was gone.
      then fell asleep again. then i went lucid

      i was standing in the checkout line at what looked like my local walmart.
      i wasnt holding anything to buy. first thought that came into my mind is how did i get here? DING DING DING im dreaming!!!!! i was really happy and started my way away from the check out deeper in the store, i walked by this guy also standing in line and he said "excuse me" (not rudely) i said no problem man im dreaming .
      So i was walking throught the store with the row of check out counters on my right.
      i was like well, if im dreaming then i can fly. i heard someone say you cant fly. i dont remember responding. so i started running jumped up in the air and did some kind of flying kick
      i wasnt up in the air long but deffiently longer than real life and came down slowly.
      Awesome!!!! my first time getting air born while lucid. i remember coming towards the jewelry ailes (it looked really accurate) with nothing i could see out of the ordinary
      i came upon this older lady like 55 with short curly red hair and wrinkles(think judge judy) . i was looking at her and her face became blurry i was like shit... so the first thing that came into my mind was to spin in circles i quickly became dizzyish and fell over
      got back up her face was still blurry and i remeber screaming more bright, no!. more clarity!!! it didnt work next thing i remember is waking up with a smile on my face.

      Im really proud over this one because i did not try to have sex with anyone!
      i used to have a lucid dreaming problem. LOL

      so i woke up thinking how fun it was and wanted to go back to sleep to try and do it again. deffinetly wasnt optimistic because ive tried this before and failed.

      but i did it! first thing i remember is being in the basement of my old house (not the first time this has happened to me) it was decorated differently with hardware shelves on the walls but i was sure it was my old basement because it had 3 seperate rooms with no doors. so i made my up out but the stairs were gone and a dirt tunnel was in it's place (very tight fit) so i was crawling up and the dirt behind me fell and collapsed. Then i woke up overall happy that i was able to go lucid twice in a row and i flew!!!!

      sorry for the long post, but it was a great experience. EDIT PLEASE MOVE THIS TO LUCID EXPERIENCES!!
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      *Moved thread to Lucid Experiences*

      Congratulations on your lucids! Good luck getting more in the future.

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