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    Thread: Freedom from my shackles

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      Freedom from my shackles

      I woke up in the morning at 8am and then went back to sleep and went straight into a lucid dream. For some reason, by becoming lucid and having the power to create things, my mind started sabotaging me by thinking about negative things. Part of me was going "I bet you don't want to manifest THIS do you?!", and the scene would change to a dark and negative place. This kept on happening, and the more I tried to fight it the worse it got.

      Eventually, when I was in a demi-Hell I called out for some help and I started hearing static in my head (like on the radio or TV). This gave way to a voice which started telling me why I ended up in this place. He was telling me that part of me was sabotaging myself and that I needed to forgive. When I thought, "Who do I need to forgive?" I was shown a few people from my past, and I started to forgive them, feeling lighter and lighter as I did. Towards the end I was shown a Swastika and how I needed to forgive the Nazi's and Hitler (?). After that I felt a bit lighter but I was still not free, and then I was shown a mirror and I finally said "I forgive myself"....

      And then BOOM, the whole scene changes to the most vast open Sky I have ever seen in my life. I felt a huge rush of the most freshest clean air enter me and I took a huge deep breath and exhaled with the most relaxing feeling of letting go imaginable. "Ahhhhhhhhh"... I exhaled and let go of absolutely everything and I started floating upwards to the Sky with such a peaceful and blissful feeling of complete FREEDOM.

      In the clouds a woman came up to me (I had a feeling she was an angel) and gave me a scratchcard lottery ticket "Number 9". I scratched it off and I got 9,9,9 which won me the top prize of.... 9!

      I checked the numerological meaning of 9 and it means the end of a cycle in your life. Completion.

      I woke up, wrote it down and fell back to sleep into a dream where a boxing instructor told me that my power was directly linked to my morality. He told me that if my morals are of the highest standard then I am invincible and completely dominant because of my Mars in Scorpio and Sun in the 8th/9th house (astrology).
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      wow. Very interesting. Do you read a lot?

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      wow that's awesome... and inspirational

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