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      Still Not Sure If I'm lucid dreaming or something else

      For the most part, when people talk about lucid dreaming it involves moving around and 'acting' out a dream and controlling said dream. Here's where I'm totally lost on whether or not what happens to me is this or not.

      Usually what happens is i'm getting ready to fall asleep. I'll start to feel tingly and sort of rigid, obviously my body is paralyzing itself. Now sometimes the 'staying conscious to start luicid dreaming' is involuntary, but when it's voluntary the following usually happens.

      For whatever reason, I'll start to feel like someone is spooning with me. I forgot to mention, this type of dreaming usually only happens when I'm sleeping in the fetal position. Anyway, it feels like spooning where the person is wrapping their arms around me (sometimes there are more than one set of arms but still the one person which freaks me out). I can't really move and I'm still in my own bed. Sometimes I'm naked during the dream even though I always go to sleep clothed. I also sleep alone. Sometimes the person becomes creepy and/or sexual like touching my breasts and other weird things. Recently (I just woke up from this one) the person was nibbling on my shoulder. Not biting me but nibbling, the way a mouse would. They were also holding my hand (not in a malicious way, just the way anyone would hold your hand) The worst part though, is I could hear their teeth clacking and feel the wetness of their mouth. But when I woke up nothing was there. Every once In a while the person is like a ragdoll and I can move their hands wherever, but for the most part they have a mind of their own. Then there are times when the same multiple sets of hands go directly to my mouth. They also go to my armpits which in real life a hand in the armpit is not painful at all but for some reason when I'm dreaming it is.

      So i guess I'm just posting this collection of things to see if anyone has this happen to them. I don't think it's quite lucid dreaming bc while the dream happens I'm still in my own bed, I can't move around much except my hands and sometimes my face and it's the same type of dream over and over again. It's like this presence or ghost or something that likes spooning way too much. Any tips on how to stop having that dream?

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      In dreams our subconsciousness surfaces... You have yours "needs and wants"... And dream, even lucid one is not immune to this.

      Firstly, there is nothing wrong with this. I often find myself naked in astral an lucid dreams. Also sometimes I feel touches of something what is not in real world and also in astral one present.
      I found, the best way is to maintain detached mind. Let it be, don't dwelve on that sensation. It is also the best way when you want to do LD, OBE, meditations... even if it can be pleasurable.(it never was unpleasant to me, only... it is not what I want to dwelve on.)

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