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      Dream & waking body at same time

      Hi I had a lucid dream where I opened one of my real life eyes while I was lucid dreaming I could barely see since my room was dark but I could feel half of my body that was sleeping and the other half in my lucid dream I always thought it was strange and thought I'd bring it up.

      I never brought this up before since at the time I was very young when it happened but I always think back to it clearly as being one of my weirdest lucid dreams I had and I'm wondering if anyone else has had something like this or similar or if not your opinion and thoughts on it?

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      I think some may call this a dual consciousness however it is usually through Astral projection and being awake at the sametime. I have never exprience this phenomenon but I do find it to be interesting. The ancient egyptian scriptures talk about dual consciousness about being awake in different types of Reality. Ofcourse logically this will be hard to explain, prehaps it could be a process of timing how you wake up from a dream to waking life. If you were able to cause it again then I guess we would all have a new exprience to talk about and learn. Now people will never be killed in their sleep and will still be refresh for work while watching tv or studying.
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