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    Thread: First Lucid Dream

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      Smile First Lucid Dream

      Hey all ^_^
      So I decided to share my lucid dream expiriences here! This happend on 6th of May.
      So I'm sitting in the kitchen and eating something. Outside was kinda dark and the lamps at home were turned on, even those in the corridor too! At some point the lamps in the corridor on my left side started flashing. I just put my hand towards it and said STOP! And it stopped flashing. The sme happend with the lamp in the corridor towards me.
      I got up from the table and went to my bedroom. I started doing something on my laptop and wishing for some stuff. At that point I was in a ventilation shaft. There 4 ways I could go and from each way and animal with human features came out. I looked at the tiger like thing and it took me to a different place. Then I looked at a different creature and it took me to different place. And then I woke up.
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      Sounds great for your first lucid dream. :3

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