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      Lucid Dream In A Lucid Dream

      The Strange Guy

      So in the begining I was in my room doing my own stuff. Me, my mother and my father went to the dining room and started eating, talking about stuff etc.
      I had to tgo to the bathroom and the door to the corridor was right infront of the dining room. So when I opened the door i saw blue and black berieson the ground in a path from the dining room to the bathroom.
      Just when I got to the table and turned around I saw a man. I emidiatly said DID YOU SEE HIM? M6y parents turned around and I saw him entering the room. I was scared and went to the back of the table where my father was. He started writing down something on the shelf. Right in that moment I saw some pencils. I grabed them and throwed them at him. It was like they realy got stuck in him. He looked at me and then removed the pencils.
      I went to my mother which was on the other side of the table and he started arguing about something. At this point he was going back and fort in and out of the room doing something.
      At one point my nose started bleeding ( I had this nose bleeding thing when I was young, but know I am ok ) and my mother went to the kitchenwhih was 2 meters away and got some medicine, poured it in a glass and gave it to me. I drank 2 times and i even dindt half the glass. He gave me a big tube of super glue and said YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. I emidiatly grabed it and started opening the window to throw it away. He said DONT DO IT. BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU ARE DOING, but with kinda angry tone. I turned around and wanted to drink from the glass, but my mother told me that he put dust in it. I got rid of the dust ( somehow ) and drink it all on 1 sip.
      At this moment I knew that something must be done for him to leave. THere was a knife on the table. I looked at it, looked at him and I knew he wanted the knife, but I quickly grabed it. I started screaming GO AWAY! LEAVE MY HOUSE! LEAVE US ALLONE! I BANN YOU FROM ENTERING THIS PLACE! I BANN YOU! On which he emidiatly dissapeared.
      I dropped the knife down and my mother was on the other side of the table. I started crying and went to my mother and huged her as hard as I can. Then my grandma and my brother got home. I continued crying on her shoulder and she said that I had a hard time. And then I woke up.

      Now the strange thing is I woke up in another dream which i am going to post here again.

      It All Started Good...

      So I woke up in the living room ( our living room, kitchen and dining room are one room ) and its very dark even outside. I'm kinda scared of the dark so I pull out my telephone and start my flashlight app. It lights the room as a normall flashlight would.
      I get up and get to the dinign room. Sudenly I see 2 old ladies coming towards us ( aperently some girl was next to me and she was my sister and the shoking part I was a girl too ).I open the window and start to get out, keep in mind I live on the 7th floor. We start to walk on the little ramps on the sides. At some point she decided to jump and she did. I could see them old ladies coming towards me so I jumped down too ( in a normal dream I get this strange feeling in my stomach and i wake up emidiatly, but now I landed perfectly ). When I fall down I saw her and she said she hit her leg. I turned around and see a police officer taking the old ladies away saying THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SEE WITCHES or something like that. Aperantly now I am a boy again.
      We got to the little table thats right next to the block and see there my friendsand some other people who I dont know or just seen. We greeted and sat down. I said that we might not have much time ( aperantly they knew they were dreaming ). So we all get up and start r7uning towards a basketball field.
      As we a runing down the street i decide to fly.I set my intentions that I WILL FLY. I jumped and started flaping my hands, but i dint start flying. Some other boys started laughing at me. Then I tried again. I again set my intentions that I will fly, but this time I just jumped and flaped once with my hands and I started flying. I didnt get gback on the ground. i started flying around. Almost everyone got to the field. There were these two girls that were behind they ran kind a slow. So i flew to them and told them you cant fly or something like that. I went to the field.
      I got there and aperantly there was a coach and she was a womna. She started talking and explaining some tactis, but I didnt undertstand ( I am not a sport pearson at all ). The 2 girls came down to the field runing, aperantly they couldnt fly. The coach said that they were late and asked them if something's wrong. One of the girls said no. Right at that moment I saw a random girls jaw changing in to some kind of a mutated animal. I knew something was not OK here so I ran away. I got to a big baloon right next to the field and flied on top of it. i heared the coah saying get him.
      They all started looking for me. I saw a cave, but it was Minecraft style. I fall down and start entering the cave. But I see one of those strange thing chasing me. I start running towards the cave and all turns in too MINECRAFT style and I turn in somekind of blob. I start stepping on some presure plated to open stairs etc. I almost got to the end, but then one of those mutated things entered and shot a black beam on the wall and all the preasure plates were clicked and all the ways were open. I said to my self this is my chance. I exited the cave.
      When I exited the cave I am emidiatly teleported to my living room and watching TV. SO theres this little birtd that looked like an owl and a mage that looked something between Dumbledoor and Gandlf. So I see the remote in my hand and click some button and it opens a menue and theres a Dream Jurnal menue. I close that menue and see that the mage found a hat of another mage and throwed it away. The little owl got it and put it on. It went to the mage but it looked like the mage was turning in one of those mutated creatures. He acted all agresive and took the hat from the owl. And I woke up Oficially

      Tell me what you think?
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      you have some strange dreams my friend xD but they are really cool for a movi
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