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    Thread: First LD Experiances :)

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      First LD Experiances :)

      Hey guys what was your first LD about? What did you do there and how did you realize you were dreaming? My first one was yesterday when the dream was fading (hipnopumpic stage) i realized it was a dream and started rubbing my hands together and i was back in the dream It was awesome. Tell me about yours . Im just curious haha

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      Hypnagogic stage :p (You made me reality check with "hipnopumpic stage" hehe.)

      Congrats on your lucid dream mate and welcome to DVs!

      I am a natural, been lucid dreaming all my life, but my first recorded one here is:

      The Earth melts while I enjoy a chocolate cake in the moon - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      My first decent that's it, but technically, it is my third one. My first one is:

      Bottomless pit with a cork at the end inside a cave in the dessert - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
      Click the door... and welcome to my dream world!

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      As a kid, I had a recurring nightmare where a force would try would pull me out of my bed and towards somewhere electronic, like a clock or a tv. This occurred enough where I was able to consistently become lucid during the nightmare, resist the force and wake myself up. The same nightmare continued to reoccur throughout my life until one day I when I was confident and curious enough I let the force take me where it wanted. I ended up having to fight giant spiders before arriving at a conference room where and old man sat down with me and told me what he thought about my dream control.

      I also had the occasional non-nightmare DILD as a kid. My first dream control I experimented with was flying. Eventually, I learned how to induce the occasional MILD before I knew what it was. Knowing how to MILD, I developed an interest in dream control. I wanted to learn how to summon various girls. A google search for that was how I found Dream Views. I've been trying to improve my lucid dreaming skills ever since.

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      Hey dude! You could also mean the "hypnopompic" state which is actually different from the "hypnogogic".The hypnagogic state is rational waking cognition trying to make sense of non-linear images and associations; the hypnopompic state is emotional and credulous dreaming cognition trying to make sense of real world stolidity. (I got that from wikipedia)

      My first lucid was cool, I looked in the mirror and my face turned into the face of a cat lol , I got scared because I didn't know LD's existed. Here's the dream: My First Lucid Dream Ever/ First False Awakenings - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
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      Quote Originally Posted by PRtitohp5 View Post
      The hypnagogic state is rational waking cognition trying to make sense of non-linear images and associations; the hypnopompic state is emotional and credulous dreaming cognition trying to make sense of real world stolidity.
      That is an excellent breakdown! Now I understand the difference between the 2.

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      Had my first LD about 9 days ago so it's still fresh:

      Everyone on planet Earth was in the house of the gods, and a friend of mine was the chosen representative to speak on our behalf. We were meeting with the king god because he had decided to ask if it was okay for him to scrap the universe and start again, and we said no.
      For displaying true wisdom or something, god offered my friend a roll of the dice, there were good and bad rewards in equal proportions. He rolled the reward for the power to 'lucid dream'. He came and sat down next to us and I told him I was into lucid dreaming too, then he was like "oh cool, did you know that you're dreaming now?"

      What followed was me being whaaaat, and doing a reality check, pushing my thumb through the palm of my hand, and then realizing that I was lucid I proceeded to jump off of a deck (I was at my parents house all of a sudden) and just before hitting the ground I flew!
      I flew through the night with the hills rolling beneath me, but the excitement started to make the dream fade, and I attempted to stabilize it by telling myself to do something boring.. I appeared infront of a TV with Tobey Maguire on screen -.- but turned around to see a volluptuous woman on the couch behind me.
      Thinking this could only be a good thing, I asked her who she was, but she promptly turned into a monster and I woke up.
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