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      Long supplement driven LD - with false awakening

      LUCID DREAM # 10

      January 18, 2015
      : Background: Opti-men megavitamin 2x/day, 5-HTP 100mg @ bedtime, 8mg Galantamine + 500mg Choline @ 4:00am: I go immediately back to bed after taking G and Ch. As usual, I have trouble falling asleep immediately. Had two short dream scenes in which I was 100% lucid, but could not get to “form” properly and lost after only a few moments. In the first, an attractive woman with long dark hair was slinging her pocketbook over her left shoulder - the arm furthest from me. The scene around her is vague and poorly detailed. I yell with my inner voice, “focus" but the scene fades instead and I wake a bit, recollecting that I’d taken supplements and was trying to induce an LD. After a short interval of steady breathing and relaxation with nothing more than black blankness, a scene develops in which I am making a purchase of some kind and go to the check-out counter. The counter greatly resembles a cheap faux-leather weight lifting bench more than a check-out counter. The woman behind the counter is the Russian woman from the movie Dodgeball with her hair up in buns and buck teeth. As this is happening, I “wake" as I hear L***e come into the master bedroom accompanied by the sound of the door bottom scraping over the deep pile carpet as she opens, enters, and then closes the bedroom door. I hear her open the bathroom door and make her usual morning sounds for a while. I am aware that I am in my bed trying to LD, so I keep my eyes closed and remain still. This, I find out later is a FALSE AWAKENING. L***e NEVER came into the bedroom. All of that was a DREAM! THIS false awakening segues into a full blown LD that lasts approximately 20 minutes.

      January 18, 2015: Lucid dream: I find myself in an industrial size kitchen with J***y G******t and L***e. J***y looks to be about 30 or so, L***e looks her current age. I am 100% aware from the outset that this is a dream based upon the completely foreign setting, and because J***y is there and way too young. I look around the huge kitchen. Lots of stainless steel appliances, pots, pans, utensils and counter tops. The walls themselves appear to be rough concrete - meant to be functional for the purpose of preparing meals for several hundred people at the expense of any attractiveness. I walk up to J***y intent on proving this is a dream. “What was the name of your first husband, I ask.” Bob, she replies. I think to myself “Shit, she got that right.” I go up to L***e. “What is your birthday?” She gives me a nonsensical answer and I think “WoooHoo, I’m dreaming!”

      I leave the kitchen via an arched passageway that is reasonably well lit, but seems like a catacomb with built in recesses and shelves. Everyone I see is OLD, with grey hair. Not one person looks less than 80. I begin to fear I too am old, and have been committed to this horrid nursing home type place along with other aged and infirmed people in an institution whose kitchen I have just left. After the shock of realization in the kitchen that I am lucidly dreaming, (in retrospect) my level of awareness waned for a while.

      As I walk the hall I come upon a man lying flat in a hospital bed against the right-hand wall. His head is away from me as I approach. The bed rails are down. He is covered by sheets but for some reason I think he has had an amputation of his right leg. I go up to him. He is reading a book in bed. I ask to see it and he hands it to me. There is a picture on the cover of a woman in a modern gymnasium setting lying flat on one of the workout machines. The picture is too small to make out much more than the fact that she is naked. The book appears to be her self-published book on bodybuilding while naked. The man throws back the sheets and I am relieved to see he has two good legs. He gets out of bed and walks from the direction I have just come, so I drop the book on his now empty bed and continue on my way.

      I come upon a “window” on the left side of the catacomb wall which is an arched bricked affair with no glass - like you might see in a medieval castle. Inside the hall the only perceptible color is an institutional flat off-white. Outside, somewhat below me, are dozens of houses with brightly colored wooden trim shining in the daylight. Green, red, yellow and blue painted Alpine-like houses are built into numerous hill sides across the landscape. I immediately want to escape to the outside, but fear that as a resident of this place, an alarm will sound the moment I try to escape. Looking down out of the window, I see an alley immediately below me where a bunch of men (employees of the facility in which I am trapped) are smoking cigarettes. I leave the window and walk on. Very shortly I come upon a short passageway also off to my left which has a very substantial door. I immediately realize I have no chance whatsoever of getting out that way, but I go to try the door handle anyway. Just as I reach for the handle, the door is opened from the outside by one of the men from the alley! I am startled when he holds the door open for me and allows me to exit. My immediate concern is that I will quickly be pursued like an escaped prisoner, but no alarm is raised...so out I go!

      As I walk past the remainder of the men in the alley, I ask “Where are we?” I am told “London!” This answer snaps me back to a higher level of awareness that I am lucidly dreaming. Out the alley I turn left onto a much broader street. I can see it remains fairly level as far as I can see, but all the streets off of it to the right appear to fall off down hill, and those on the left are uphill a bit. I chose to stay on the level road, worried that if I go downhill on one of the side streets I won’t be able to walk back up, and if I go uphill it will tax my abilities. At the first intersection I approach, a Bobby in full uniform complete with hat, whistle and gold buttons is seen standing in the middle of the road. He immediately waves me safely across to the right side of the street, and I walk down the right hand sidewalk past pubs, storefronts, and walls with air conditioners sticking out through them. The Bobby is the last dream character I see. The street has no other people or cars on it. On my left (across the street) a large blue-water harbor glistens in the sun. No boats are upon the water. There are light poles and benches for sitting at intervals. I walk down my side of the street marveling at all the detail. I actually laugh out loud in my dream when I remind myself that incredibly, this is a dream! At this point in the dream I know exactly who I am, and that I’m really in my bed sleeping and dreaming and that I got “here” by taking supplements! Even more amazing, while walking down the street ruminating over where my physical body actually was, I remembered that in real life I had finished upgrading some parts on one of my model helicopters and if I was going to test fly it, I needed to get up early before it started to rain! After a few more moments of wandering, I decided I needed to wake up and do that. Since the dream was kind of boring with no dream characters in sight, I told myself to wake up, and I woke up! In retrospect, I should have tried to conjure up a dream character or try a running jump into the air to go flying for a bit. My desire to test fly my model after hours of bench testing over-rode my desire to continue the LD. Probably a stupid decision. Wake time = 7:00am.
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