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      Talking to your subconscious? Question.

      This is my very first experience with talking to my subconscious:

      My dad "woke me up" out of another dream where I was singing and attempting to hit some high notes that I was struggling to reach. I figured I had been making noises in my sleep. He then left. Then I realized I didn't wake up where I went to sleep so I did a reality check using the clock. I was dreaming!

      I noticed the dream was blurry and not all that clear so the first thing I did was get out of bed and shout "clarity now!" but it didn't seem to do anything. So I did it again. It still didn't do anything. Then I tried to teleport someone to me (I normally can do this with no issues) but it didn't work. I then tried to teleport several others to me and none of it worked.

      So then I decided since nothing was working I'd talk to my subconscious. I remembered I saw the dream character of my dad go into the bathroom so I went to him. He was just standing there in front of the mirror, not busy or anything. I told him I wanted to ask him a question and he was uncharacteristically mean about it. I remembered how some people like to ask what their dream job is. So I asked that and I got the answer "Are you kidding? You just want to sleep and be lazy" and my dream character dad even made an insulting face.

      At this point I was startled having not expected any of that and I felt the dream slipping. Rather then try to stay in it, I told myself I wanted to wake up and I did.

      Do you think that was actually my subconscious telling me that I basically have no dream job and that I'm lazy? I mean, it doesn't seem like I had full control over everything like I usually do so maybe I didn't have control over that dream character either....

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      It's impossible to know if it's true.
      Maybe try to accept the fact the you are lazy, what's the problem? When you have accepted your laziness then you can decide to improve yourself to be less lazy, cheat yourself saying you're not won't take anything good.

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      Some people say that things you hear in lucid dreams are always true, but I don't think that's true.
      You could have been thinking negatively at the time, and the rude answer from your dad reflected that, it may be not an entirely direct representation.

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      Sometimes things you hear in your Dreams can be profound but really most of the times it is just meaningless.
      Lol the same as in IWL , you need to filter out if it really has some significance for you.

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